2 Days In Bergen: The Best Things To Do In Bergen Norway
March 12, 2023
By guy yefet

Discover the best things to do in Bergen Norway and how to spend 2 days in Bergen. Your Perfect Travel Guide to beautiful Bergen.

Things to do in bergen norway in 2 Days

Bergen, For one who has been there only the very pronunciation of her name brings him back to the place he would like to reach again and again.

Bergen is the second-largest port city in Norway and the wettest city in the world and is located right on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The city is surrounded by seven beautiful and high mountains, the highest of which is Ulrikan Mountain which is 642 meters above sea level.

Today the city is considered one of the most popular cities in Norway, and it offers locals and tourists a variety of hiking and leisure options.

How to get to Bergen?

By flight - Bergen Airport Flesland Airport is 17 km from the city center.

There are many bus lines from the airport to the city center and the journey takes a little over half an hour.

By public transport - Bergen is at a large crossroads. Many buses leave from Bergen to anywhere else in Norway.

By train - The train between Bergen and Oslo is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. There is a train from Oslo several times a day and the journey to Bergen takes 7-8 hours.

By ferry - Ferries to Bergen from the city of Hirtshals in Denmark are operated by Fjord Line.

Express speedboats sail along the coast and into the fjords.

Bergen is the final stop of Hurtigruten, a fleet of express ships that sail along the coast of Norway.

Bryggen bergen norway

2 days in Bergen Itinerary Map

10 Things to Do in 2 Days in Bergen

1/ Bryggen

The Bryggen district is the most unique district of the city historically but in fact, to this day serves as a sort of city within a city.

In this district, all the trade operations have taken place in the past, which gives it its character to this day.

The architecture in the district was also completely influenced by its character.

The houses are made of, high and modest. They stand so densely on the platform that it looks like they are about to collapse.

Today, the quarter is populated mainly by artists, jewelers, textiles, and more. The residents of Bryggen are very connected to the place and the history, proud of their district and smiling and tourists.

Bryggen is a cultural center of creation and inspires many artists.

2/ Mount Fløyen

Fløyen is a must-do while in Bergen.

Fløyen is one of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen.

Mount Fløyen is great for hiking and of course a perfect spot for those panoramic views!

To get to Mount Fløyen you can take the Fløibanen funicular from the city center-right to the top.

Mount Fløyen is perfect for hiking and has a lot of marked trails to follow.

You can choose between a short stroll and find a nice bench to enjoy the views or follow the trails all the way across Vidden to Mount Ulriken.

The funicular ride itself is nice, and the view from Fløyen is hard to beat. It is recommended to arrive at sunset.

Fløyen is a must-do when you visit bergen!

Mount Fløyen bergen norway

3/ Bergen Fishmarket

It is without a doubt one of the most famous attractions in Bergen, one that gives a taste of the past and present of the city at the same time, in the most significant point of the city historically, and which preserves its unique character to this day.

The market is located in the Bryggen district.

The fishing port where it used to be the main trading point in Northern Europe, and now functions mainly as a cultural tourist attraction, which is considered prestigious in terms of restaurants and nightlife there.

The best and most prestigious fish and seafood restaurants are naturally scattered around the harbor.

Another fun option is to purchase from one of the simple stalls scattered in the fishing market itself.

Can be eaten on the spot while standing or purchased by home weight.

The variety of fish and selection of seafood offered for sale are truly a wealth we do not know from our provinces.

Many ships arrive at the huge port and scatter their goods.

A very interesting experience, of course, the smell accordingly.

Bergen Fishmarket

4/ Bergen aquarium

One of the favorite attractions for children and adults, tourists and locals alike, is the Bergen Aquarium.

Here you can watch a wide variety of fish, invertebrates, seals, and penguins.

Impressive pools are maintained at the place that draws water from the depths of the sea, in which fish from all over the world swim comfortably.

The cinema next to the pools shows 3D movies, about the underwater animal world, the importance of the oceans in the global fabric of life, and the intriguing life of the orca whale.

5/ The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

The museum is housed in a building from 1704 that is considered one of the oldest and best-preserved in the Brigand district, especially in terms of interior design.

The museum presents the lives of the German merchants in Bergen in the years 1360-1754, both in the subject of holidays (ceremonies and festivals) and in the field of daily life including life in school and food.

6/ Ulriken

Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains at 643 meters.

It boasts a beautiful view over the Bergen peninsula.

Ulriken is a landmark in Bergen.

It is famous for its cable car and the characteristic television transmitter tower at its summit.

On the top of the mountain, you will find a small store and a restaurant, as well as panoramic views over the city and the surrounding areas.

Ulriken offers many different hiking opportunities, some more challenging than others.

One of the most known hikes in the City Mountains. You can hike from Ulriken by Rundemanen to Fløyen.

This route can also be started from the other direction beginning at Fløyen.

mount ulriken bergen norway

7/ Fantoft Stave Church

The old stave church at Fantoft, originally built in Fortun in Sogn in 1150 and moved to Fantoft in 1883, burnt down on 6 June 1992.

Fantoft Stave Church has been rebuilt exactly as it was before the fire.

Nestled in the middle of tall trees. The carvings inside were so intricate, combining the ancient Norwegian mysticism (dragon heads) and Christianity (an altar with a figure supposed to be Christ).

Fantoft Stave Church

8/ Museum code 1-4

These are 4 art museums that are considered to be the largest of their kind in the Nordic region.

The museums display the masterpieces of Edward Monk, Picasso, and other well-known artists.

Museums have a children's area with workshops and special exhibitions, guided tours and some have a restaurant and shop.

Admission to all museums is done through one card, but children enter for free and so do Bergen Card holders.

9/ Bergenhus Fortress

This fortress in the Bryggen district is one of the oldest and best-preserved in all of Europe.

The fortress now functions as a kind of museum.

Visitors will be able to visit a nineteenth-century dungeon, tour the ancient fortress and enjoy great views from the heights of the royal abode.

10/ Fjord tour

If you are in Bergen you can take a Guided day trip by boat to one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway.

Embark on a 1-day tour of the Norwegian countryside which takes you through some of the most beautiful sceneries.

Experience the Nærøyfjord, one of the narrowest fjords in the world, and travel by road, rail, and water while admiring the panoramic views.

2 day bergen itinerary

Two days is the recommended time for Bergen.

On the first day it is dedicated to Bergen, walking around the streets of the beautiful city and visiting all the main and important attractions in Bergen, climbing one of the seven mountain peaks surrounding Bergen such as Fløyen or climbing Ulriken to get an amazing view of the city of Bergen.

On the second day, you can take a day trip to one of the beautiful fjords in the area.

Day 1 /  bergen city center

Bergen highlights- The Old Quarter of Brygenn

In the summer months, the weather in Bergen is pleasant, inviting visitors to wander its streets for long hours.

In the summer 250,000 residents and an abundance of tourists make it a city bustling with life and joy.

The feeling of happiness in the air can be attributed to the multiplicity of daylight hours.

During this time, the sun sets only towards midnight, and you can easily find yourself strolling around the city in the small hours of the night, in full daylight, along with lots of people, filling the bars and restaurants around the city, until the early hours of the morning.

In the city center, along the east bank of the harbor, lies the ancient and picturesque Bryggen district, whose name means: the pier.

The district was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1976.

The 58 wooden houses that were once home to German merchants are now used as shops for tourists, restaurants, bars, and museums.

The ancient buildings and along the pier laden with luxurious yachts is a pleasant evening pastime, and a great opportunity to meet the residents and tourists who spend time in the area.

man walking on bergen streets
Strolling around the beautiful and narrow streets of bergen
bergen street norway
bergen street in norway
bryggen in bergen city norway
Bryggen by the night

Bergen Fish market & bergen aquarium

Adjacent to the port and the old town lies Bergen's famous fish market. In the market, you can find, besides fish and seafood, also fruits, vegetables, and fresh pastries, as well as souvenirs and artifacts.

For an amazing view of the city and its surroundings, it is recommended to climb to the top of Mount Fløyen, using the funicular (cable car), which leaves from the square in Bergen.

One of the favorite attractions for children and adults, tourists and locals alike, is the Bergen Aquarium.

Here you can watch a wide variety of fish, invertebrates, seals, and penguins.

Impressive pools are maintained at the place that draws water from the depths of the sea, in which fish from all over the world swim comfortably.

The cinema next to the pools shows 3D movies, about the underwater animal world, the importance of the oceans in the global fabric of life, and the intriguing life of the dead whale.

Mount Fløyen by the sunset

Fløyen should be a must for visitors in Bergen, as it offers panoramic views of the whole of Bergen, especially when the sun sets in the evening.

There is an old ice cream shop on the mountain to try.

It is recommended to climb up the cable car and sit back down, the natural scenery is also beautiful throughout the mountain, the mountain is not high, climbing up about 3 km - 45 minutes, there are several sheep on the mountain can be photographed and fed.

Amazing viewpoint over bergen, try to go on the sunset time.
One of the best things to do in bergen!

man standing on the view point of mount floyen and looking over bergen rom above

Day 2 /  day trip to the fjords

A day trip to the Hardangerfjord.

Bergen boasts the title: the entrance gate to the fjords of Norway.

Hardangerfjord, 179 km long, is the second-longest fjord in Norway.

It's one end is the Atlantic Ocean and it extends in a northeasterly direction, on its various spurs, to the mountain ranges.

From Bergen, you will head east, towards the town of Norheimsund, in the northern part of the Hardanger Fjord.

We reached the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, which is considered one of the most touristy and special waterfalls in the area.

The impressive waterfall can also be viewed from the parking lot, but it is recommended not to be lazy and climb the short and steep path, the highlight of the visit.

At the end of the climb, there is a comfortable path that allows safe walking behind the waterfall.

From there you get a unique and beautiful angle on the spectacular view, through the drop screen.

It is advisable to arrive in the early morning to get ahead of the many tourist buses that frequent the site.

check the best day trip

Fjord in norway

Where to stay in bergen?

Citybox Bergen - great location and good value for the money.

Bergen Airbnb apartment - this is where I stayed for 2 days. Small  beautiful apartment with an amazing view.

Great host, the location is close to everything and the city center.

The shower is a bit tiny but overall is highly recommended.

Clarion Hotel Admiral - great hotel with wonderful views over the river to the Old part of Bergen.

Main Street almost across the road.

How to save money in bergen?

Bergen Card

If you are planning a few day's visits to Bergen do not give up on buying a Bergen Card.

As in Oslo (where you can buy the Oslo Pass) also in this city, you have a simple and cheap option to enjoy all the options and attractions that the city has to offer.

In fact, using a Bergen Card is considered the ultimate, practical, and logical way to experience Bergen because its purchase grants free or discounted admission to about 50 of Bergen's museums, dozens of cultural activities, tours, restaurants, shops, transportation, car rental, and even parking.

This way you can enjoy all the worlds and especially understand why Bergen is called the cultural city of Europe, why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and why it is considered the gateway to the fjords.

Bergen Cards can be purchased for different periods of 24 or 48 or 72 hours.

This probably has an effect on the price of the ticket, but if you are a student, retiree, or child aged 3-15 you will also receive an additional discount.

The Bergen Card can be purchased at a variety of locations throughout the city of Bergen, for example, the Municipal Tourist Office, hotels, campsites, and through this official website.

Wherever you purchase the card, you must ensure that it is valid by entering your name, signature, and date and time.

Tip: Make it a regular habit and show the ticket wherever you visit around Bergen, because who knows - maybe without paying attention you will get a surprising discount?

bergen harbour

As you can see, it’s totally possible to fit all the sightseeing in bergen into 2 days.

Therefore, if you’re short on time when you visit bergen but want to make the most of this beautiful Bergen, be sure to follow my 2 day Bergen itinerary.

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