2 Weeks In Sicily - The Perfect Sicily Itinerary
December 15, 2022
By guy yefet

Are you looking for the perfect two weeks in Sicily? Great! here I will tell you my own Sicily itinerary from my road trip in Sicily.

2 Weeks In Sicily: A beautiful Sicily road trip

Sicily is a world in its entirety, it has its special charm and as such, it is full of contrasts, between luxury and poverty, between pastoralism and masses, between breathtaking landscapes and difficult neighborhoods, between glorious history and the toil of its inhabitants.

Sicily is known to most of the peoples due to the famous Italian mafia, of which the island is the place where it was founded.

Although Sicily has a spectacular beauty of nature, an abundance of history, the main attraction of Sicily is the kicking and intriguing culture of the island.

I fell in love with Sicily, the atmosphere, the vibes, the beaches, the people, the simplicity, the authenticity.

I visited Sicily for two weeks and here I will describe the route I took.

I knew that I did not want to rush, I always prefer to travel slowly, stay anywhere more than one night so I can connect to the place, the environment, the locals, and live in the same area.

During a 14 days in Sicily, I circled the island clockwise, I started in Catania because there was my bias landed and I returned to Catania two weeks after I circled the island, stopping on the way to the most beautiful places in Sicily.

In this Sicily 2 week itinerary you will find:

*Fascinating History

*Archaeological Sites

*Active Volcanoes

*Amazing Beaches

*Great Sicilian Food

*Impressive Architecture

View point overlooking Cefalu town in Sicily and the ocean

How to get around Sicily?

Definitely with a car.

Sicily is a destination that most people come to travel to, so unless you are traveling for a short city break, you will need a car to travel in Sicily most conveniently.

It is advisable to book a car in advance and pick it up from the airport when you land.

I always recommend Rentalcars.com, I had the opportunity through them on my visit to Sicily, very reliable.

Everything was arranged perfect. Highly recommended!

2 Weeks in Sicily map

2 week Sicily Itinerary overview

Catania (3 nights)

Syracuse / Ortigia Island (3 nights)

Agrigento (2 nights)

Trapani (3 nights) + Favignana island Day trip

Palermo (3 nights)

Two weeks in Sicily: The detailed itinerary

Day 1 / Catania

Depending on your landing time, usually on the day of landing, there is not always enough time to travel so it is time to take your car from the rental company and drive to the city center.

20 minutes drive from Catania airport to the city center.

Check-in at your hotel and go for a walk around the city.

Whenever I get to a new place I go out and explore the area, even before the touristy things, before the attractions and must-see places, just wandering around the city and in this case the streets of Catania.

Right from the start, you can be impressed by the unique style of construction and the ancient buildings in Catania.

I ended this day at the comic ice cafe, with one of the tastiest pistachio ice creams I have ever eaten.

The location of the place is excellent and it is a wonderful way to end the first day in Catania, with excellent ice cream.

catania Cathedral and city central in sicily

Where to stay in Catania?

Hostel Casa Verdi - An great hostel for travelers on a low budget.

Le Suites Del Duomo - B&B Perfect for couples, located in a very central location on Piazza Duomo with great views of the duomo.

Hotel Centrum - A great location, within walking distance of everything. Good value for money.

Day 2 / Getting know Catania

A full day in the city of Catania where you can see some of the most impressive buildings in the city and experience the authentic culture and simplicity that there is in the city.

Some history about Catania:

Catania is the second-largest city in Sicily after Palermo.

Catania was founded by the Greeks in 729 BC, around 250 BC was conquered by the Romans and became a significant and important city.

The city underwent various conquests as mentioned by the Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Normans, Spaniards, and more.

During the Middle Ages, the city was destroyed due to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and in the 18th century, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style.

Things to do in Catania:

St. Agatha Cathedral - The cathedral was traditionally built on the site of St. Agatha, a Sicilian girl who was canonized in the first century AD.

The complex is decorated with works of art and tombs of local kings and heroes.

Some of the paintings depict the eruption of the volcano that destroyed the city in the 17th century.

Catania fish market - the market born for fishermen and the fresh sea, also contains vegetables and fruits and other diverse local agricultural produce.

The fish market in Catania is an authentic place that will give you a real Sicilian experience.

The market is full of seafood with plenty of swordfish, squid, and crabs, and the goods are quickly snatched.

The market full with locals people and it is recommended to walk around the market to feel the atmosphere of the place.

An authentic experience!

Castello Urbino - Castello Urbino, built of four spiers that form an inner courtyard, the structure is built in lava and medieval style.

The place was standing next to the harbor but the hot lava swept it to its current location.

Romano Theater - Located at the foot of the Acropolis of Catania.

The theater was built in the second century BC and is also made entirely of lava including the stairs and stage, the site is most impressive.

Other places in the city are the Benedictine monastery Monastero dei Benedettini di San Nicolò L'Arena, the Palazzo Biscari, the ancient baths Complesso Archeologico Terme della Rotonda. And not far away is a small but saturated street of churches and important buildings is Via Crociferi.

All the places can be had on this day and it is highly recommended to start at the fish market as in the morning the market is active and lively.

Crowd at catania street market in sicily
People buying fruits in the market in sicily
local man cut fish with his hand in catania fish market sicily

If you prefer a guided tour, You can see all the city highlights in Catania on a walking guided tour that goes through the most beautiful places in the city.

Day 3 / Visit Taormina

Taormina is one of the most touristy and popular towns in Sicily and for good reason.

Located north of Catania and about 45 minutes drive.

Taormina is considered the most beautiful town in Sicily.

Taormina located on a mountainside along a spectacular bay on the east coast, offering picturesque alleys, spectacular vantage points, archeological remains, historical sites, excellent restaurants, clear

beaches, shops, boutiques, galleries, and more.

It is recommended to visit the town, arrive by car at the parking lot at the city entrance and use the collection shuttle tourists from the parking lot to the city center.

Otherwise, you will need a miracle to find parking.

The city combines the new and the old in a beautiful photographic way.

Walk on the pedestrian street leading out of the square 9 April Piazza IX  which in the center stands an ancient clock, and in the surrounding streets, between ancient churches and picturesque alleys, many

boutique shops and confectioneries specializing in traditional desserts like cannoli and arancini.

Visit the Greek theatre in Taormina, a well-preserved and impressive building with wonderful acoustics overlooking the sea and Mount Athena.

From here you can go down to the beautiful beach Isola Bella, the entrance to the beach is free.

Even with the fact that it is a very touristy place, Taormina is a must-see when you are in Sicily.

Greek ancient Amphitheater in Taormina Sicily
Greek Theatre of Taormina
isola bela beach from above Taormina sicily
Isola Bella Beach
drone shot above taormina mountain and the ocean
Drone Shot Above Taormina

Up to Castelmola

Casteloma is a small town in Sicily, located about four kilometers northwest of the city of Taormina, at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, to reach a village traveling on a winding paved road departing

from the city of Taormina, about ten minutes by private car until reaching the parking lots at the entrance to Castelmola.

You can Park you car in one of the public parking lots, and climb to the height of three terraces with stairs (not easy) until you reach the main square of the town.

You can also get there by public transport, which departs at regular times to the village from the bus station near the Messina Gate in Taormina, the price of the bus ride is about three euros round trip, get off at

Piazza San Antonio in the center of the village.

Although the town is small, there is a panoramic view of the impressive surrounding landscape.

In Castelmola, you can find a number of cafes and bakeries as well as many bars that produce the local drink: a sweet almond wine, served cold and considered very popular.

On the way back from Taormina you can visit 2 small and beautiful towns.

Aci Castello, with an impressive volcanic fortress dominating its surroundings from the sea.

You can climb to the top of the fortress and be impressed by its power.

Aci Trezza is another town located a few minute’s drive north, which is unique in the volcanoes that seem to grow out of the sea.

with sunny weather, it's perfect for a slow walk along the coast between the towns.

small boats in aci castello sicily

aci trezza town and harbour sicily
Aci Trezza
a guy looking at big rocks on the water Cyclops island in sicily
Aci Castello

Day 4 / Visit Etna Volcano

The famous volcano of Sicily, Etna volcano.

Mount Etna is the most active and highest volcano in Europe!

Etna volcano was chosen to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The height of the mountain is over 3,300 meters, but do not expect to climb to the summit, even if you are an experienced climber and you have already survived Everest - you will never be experienced enough

to deal with a volcanic eruption so any hike will end at a safe distance from the crater.

You can reach the volcano area independently by car, bus, or by guided tour.

Access to the mountain itself is possible by SUV or on foot if you are fit and ready to climb.

On the mountain itself, you can tour the area by jeep, take a cable car (paid through one of the companies that operate shuttles and trips to the mountain.

Prices start from 60 euros and can reach up to 160, depending on the package) or go on a more challenging hike and climb on foot.

If you chose the second way - note that the closer you get to the summit the colder it gets and the area is covered in snow and ice.

Especially in the winter, if you are not experienced - it is not recommended to approach the area.

man standing on etna volcano area in sicily

No matter what type of trip you choose, you are guaranteed a special experience with an extraordinary view: there are trees on the way in colors you do not usually see (because of the volcanic eruptions), lush vineyards (above), and lots of lava fields.

There is a reasonable chance that you will also see the pharynx emitting a little gas or ash - an impressive and very special sight.

You should check the weather forecast before heading out to the area because cloudy weather or fog will limit visibility and not allow you to enjoy the successful scenery.

The trip to the Etna area, including the ascent and observation, takes together a good few hours.

You should reserve a whole day for the benefit of the trip to the Etna volcano.

Check the best Etna volcano Day trip

day 5 / Syracuse / Ortigia Island

The small island Ortigia has its charm and is one of my favorite places in Sicily.

The Ortigia island is part of the ancient Greek city of Siracusa which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is its oldest part.

The island of Ortigia is connected to the city of Siracusa via a narrow canal and to reach it one has to cross the bridge.

What is special about each island is that in such a small place (about a square kilometer) you can enjoy a variety of attractions: picturesque alleys, ancient buildings such as palaces and churches, observation points facing the sea, excellent restaurants, and shops.

For the end of the day, one of the best Sicilian restaurants I have eaten at is A-Putia restaurant which is located in the alleys of the island of Ortigia.

3 nights in Ortigia is the perfect time to feel the vibes of this place and Ortigia is the perfect base to stay in to explore the entire region of southeastern Sicily and the impressive Baroque towns.

where to stay in Ortigia?

Aretusa Vacanze B&B - Perfect location. great value for money and beautiful rooftop overlooking Ortigia.

La Residenza del Reginale - Another great choice for couple. The house is in the heart of Ortigia with beautiful little terrace.

Casettealsud Ortigia Blue - Beautiful apartment with 2 bedrooms, great for families .

ortigia Syracuse Central
ortigia Cathedral in Syracuse sicily
Sitting in bar drinking beer in-front of Ortigia Cathedral in Syracuse

day 6 / val di noto & beach time

Today you can visit one of the most beautiful and special baroque cities in Sicily and of course, enjoy a beautiful beach nearby.

First stop: Val di Noto

A 40-minute drive south of Syracuse arrives at Val di Noto.

This beautiful city was expanded during the earthquake but was rebuilt, today it is considered an architectural masterpiece and a prominent hallmark of the Baroque style.

Its construction, in white limestone, makes the sunsets in Noto to one of the most beautiful sunset in Sicily.

The city of Noto features the L’Arco di Trionfo Victory Gate and the main square with a variety of churches, fountains, statues, and Baroque stone ornaments.

Tip: Pay attention to the street’s built-in symmetry two and a half planned in the city with the sunrise and sunset lines.

It is recommended to visit the city in the afternoon when the sun gives the buildings a special honey hue.

Second stop: The nature reserve Vendicari

The nature reserve Vendicari is 1.450 hectares large and located in the south of Sicily and is one of the most important resting places in the mediterranean sea for birds such as flamingos, cormorants, herons, and storks.

Here you will find many observation huts, which are true paradises for bird lovers.

it’s a must-visit throughout the year for nature lovers, history buffs, and beach bums alike.

The uncontaminated beaches with beautiful clear water are amazing.

Come prepared with water and food as they are not available inside the reserve.

Just before the entrance to the nature reserve, you can buy limited refreshments (local granite).

The Tonnara and the eco museum (free entrance, open mornings) managed by volunteers who are more than willing to recount stories and legends of the tuna fishing in times gone by.

There are more than 200 species in the surrounding nature reserve so bring your binoculars!

Plenty of parking just outside the reserve (€3.50 per day).

the alleys of noto city in sicily
The alleys of Noto
Noto Cathedral durning the day in sicily
Noto Cathedral

day 7 / Explore the Baroque Towns of Ragusa & Modica

Even before you reach the baroque towns, it is advisable to start the day in a very special place.

About an hour's drive from Syracuse you will reach the amazing nature reserve Cavagrande del Cassible - A place you must visit.

It is a canyon of natural springs and waterfalls.

Throw yourself into the ice-cold water and get a massage from the many waterfalls.

Remember before going down to take water and some sandwiches so you can refuel for the walk back.

Roughly 30 minutes walk down (can slippery in parts) and 40 minutes back up, At the top, there is a bar that serves food, drinks, and ice creams.

Parking available right next to the bar for 3€ all day.

Even if officially closed one can still go over the gate.

The scenery is breathtaking. The water in the pools is so clear and fresh, beautiful and wild place.

Please don't leave any trash.

Tip: go early! Opens at 8 am. Take your own food and drink to picnic by the pools which are great to swim in.

You should wear proper walking shoes for the walk down and up.

view of Ragusa town in sicily during day time

Ragusa & Modica

After visiting the falls, Continue to Ragusa.

Ragusa is one of the UNESCO-listed Baroque towns in southeastern Sicily.

It was originally built on a small hill with valleys separating it from the high plateau on three sides.

After the earthquake of 1693, which destroyed most of southeastern Sicily, it was decided to rebuild Ragusa on higher ground nearby.

This new and planned town was established with straight streets and a logical and convenient layout, but the local nobles refused to give up their previous location and therefore built themselves new palaces on the ruins of the old city.

This is why there are two parts to Ragusa - the old Ragusa Ibla and the Ragusa Superiore, the more modern upper city that arose after the earthquake.

Together the two parts form a charming town with winding streets and alleys similar to a maze.

The two parts came together after it was decided on Ragusa as the capital of the province.

The upper town contains several squares, the Duomo, the Cathedral of San Giovanni and more, on the main street Corso Italia you will see unique buildings and it is a street that descends to the lower town, on the street they found the Cassa del Formaggio cheese and wine shop, stopped and tasted cheeses and sipped wine from marsala.

The descent to the lower city is perhaps the most impressive point in the upper city, through the stairs.

On the way down the view of the surrounding hills leaves a great impression.

After visiting Ragusa you can visit Modica, the city of chocolate.

Modica considered the center of the chocolate industry of Sicily.

In this province, only dark chocolate is produced. Rough and granular chocolate, in different flavors.

The city is full of chocolate shops, in each of which you can taste many types of chocolate with vanilla, cinnamon, hot pepper, salt, cardamom, orange, various spices, and more. An excellent visit for all chocolate lovers.

view over ragusa town in the afternoon in sicily
ragusa ibla

guy standing with umbrella in the rain and looking at modica Cathedral in sicily

day 8 / Agrigento

Driving to the town Agrigento in southern Sicily.

A beautiful drive into the heart of the island of Sicily with 3 beautiful stops along the way.

First stop: Caltagirone

Caltagirone is located on a mountain and has a very beautiful view from several observation points, including the public garden designed by an English garden architect.

The attraction is 142 steps, all decorated with ceramic tiles with paintings on various themes.

Spectacular sight.

The town is known for its ceramics and has many ceramic shops and a ceramics museum.

Caltagirone steps sicily

Second stop: Villa Romana del Casale

Roman villa with magnificent, well-preserved 1700-year-old mosaics.

One of the famous mosaics shows athletic girls in bikini-like attire today.

There are whole carpets of charming mosaics that have been exceptionally well preserved!

Even those who are not fond of archeology will be impressed and love the place.

Roman villa de Casale well-preserved 1700-year-old mosaics.

Third stop: Enna

Enna is unique both geographically and historically, the town is located on a huge hill almost 1000 meters above sea level and offers panoramic views.

Anna is the tallest city in Sicily and the capital of the province of Anna which is the tallest in Italy.

The two must-see things when in Enna are the impressive fortress and Rocca di Cerere which is a great viewpoint.

day 9 / exploring the valley of temples

The Valley of the Temples is located on a ridge (which implies that the Valley of the Temples is not exactly in the valley, but that is the name and it has already been captured) from which there is a great view towards the sea.

The whole area is surrounded by olive trees, which helps a lot during the hot summer period.

Entrance to the site costs 10 euros per person and you should use the maps that are distributed at the entrance and the recorded explanations that detail the past and condition of each temple.

The Valley of the Temples includes eight temples and other remains, structures built between the fifth and fourth centuries BCE, the temples built are the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Concordia, the Temple of Hercules Temple of Heracles, the Temple of Olympus Zeus of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Hephaestos Castor and Pollux, the Temple of the God of Medicine Asclepius Temple of Hephaestos, the Temple of Demeter, all temples stand on mounds, and near the Akragas river.

An impressive part of the visit is the climb on the steps of the Tempo di Giunone, built in the fifth century AD, and while standing on the mound there is an impressive view towards the valley, while the Temple of Concio was better preserved due to the fact that it served as a church in the sixth century AD.

Agrigento valley of tamples

Scala di turchi

Near the town of Agrigento. West of the city and at a distance of 15 km on the beach from which stands a huge white rock-like rock that leads to the sea.

A special beach worth visiting because the geological phenomenon is unique.

Scala di turchi beach with crowd of people in Agrigento sicily

day 10 / Trapani

Drive from Agrigento to the port city Trapani, on the way you will cross the city Marsala and its famous salt mines.

The open salt mine near Trapani is a spectacular sight.

The salt industry is the oldest industry on the island, active and profitable even today, and evidence of its existence has been known for thousands of years and shipments from it left for northern Europe from the eighth century AD.

The salt is concentrated in huge piles, some of which are based on tiles, laid and removed by hand, until the salt dries to prevent it from dispersing in strong winds. In recent years, some of the wind farms have been renovated and restored.

The museum is small but well explains the mine and is interesting.

From there you will reach the city of Trapani which for me was different from the other cities I have been to so far in Sicily.

Yellow-and-white streets were full of alleys, a walled city behind which there is a lot of seas.

People live in modest houses, inside what is left of the walls and much more outside them.

You can smell the fish from many corners of the Old City, you can see the domes of mosques for which someone forcibly lowered the crescent.

Trapani is a great base for exploring the area.

In order not to do one night at a time in another place, I recommend staying here for 3 nights as a base for the various tours.

Where to stay in Trapani?

Central Gallery Rooms - 5 minute walk from Trapani Harbour. Located right next to the water front with amazing views. Plenty of restaurants on the door step. Cheap parking lot down the road.

Gaura Apartments - Beautiful apartment Located right on Trapani's seafront with a fully equipped kitchenette. Great for families with kids.

La terrazza di Maria - Big apartment. great value for the money. clean apartment with a lovely balcony and stunning views over the harbour and across to the sea.

The open salt mine on the way from marsala to Trapani sicily
The open salt mine on the way from marsala to Trapani

day 11 / day trip to Favignana Island

Favignana is a little hidden gem, just off the coast of Sicily.

Its one of the best places to visit in Sicily and one of the best Sicily day trips you can take.

Getting to Favignana island is done by boat from Trapani port.

Ferry about half an hour until you arrive.

Recommend getting out as early as possible and getting back on the last ferry that comes back to make it and enjoy a full day on the island.

Rent a bike and ride around the beautiful and calm island, two of the most amazing beaches in Sicily and general in all of Italy are on the Favignana island.  

Favignana island is recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the best beaches in Sicily and to feel different part of Sicily.

Read more: The most beautiful beaches in Sicily

2 bikes on the cliffs over the ocean in favignana islandsicily
guy on a bicycle on a  cliff looking over the ocean in favignana island sicily

day 12 / Visit the mevidal town Erice

Trapani is a great base from which to explore the beautiful city, Erice.

The most interesting and beautiful way to get to Erice is to take the cable car that leaves Trapani and goes all the way high for Erice.

This small and medieval village is an attraction for tourists from all over Sicily, those who want to spend a relaxing day in the lap of history and the spectacular views from the village.

The village is located on a hill in western Sicily, a little northeast of Trapani.

The impressive castle with its walls, historic buildings, and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea from the village, all can fill you with a day of relaxed and fun excursion.

Read more: 10 charming town to visit in Sicily

Panoramic view over Point from the town of Erice in sicily

day 13 / Palermo

Drive from Trapani to the capital of Sicily, Palermo.

On the way to Palermo just before arriving it is a must to stop in Monreale which is located over Palermo, in the mountains.

The capital of the barouqe where the Normans built a cathedral and a monastery almost 900 years ago.

The columns and walls are covered with such beautiful mosaics that even those who do not come for it, fall in love.

Do not miss a visit to Monreale, the Duomo, and the adjacent monastery.

In the Duomo, you also enter the small chapel, which charges an additional amount for the visit.

The walls of the main hall are covered with stunning paintings of biblical stories and it is worth devoting time and patience to decipher the story behind the painting.

Read More: Palermo City Guide - The best things to do in Palermo

Where to stay in Palermo?

Family Affair Palermo - Great location. Very stylish and modern interior.

La Maison del Sole - Situated directly in the centre of Palermo at the 7th floor (lift available) it offered stunning views over the city.

Residenza Wagner - Excellent location in the centre of Palermo.

palermo colorful street

Day 14 / Visit the Zingaro Nature Reserve

One of the most amazing days I have had in Sicily.

palermo food market

Getting up as early as possible to visit the special markets of Palermo.

In the morning the local markets in Palermo are lively and vibrant and you can experience the local experience of Palermo.

You can take a great street food tour in Palermo, so that you can get to know Palermo traditional and Sicilian food culture.

Castellammare del Golfo

After visiting the market you can drive an amazing road towards the town of Scopello from where the hike begins in the Zingaro Reserve.

Even before you reach Scopello, stop in the beautiful coastal town Castellammare del Golfo, sit there for coffee or a meal and enjoy the view of the spectacular bay.

Castellammare del Golfo Bay sicily
Castellammare Del Golfo

Zingaro Nature Reserve

Amazing nature reserve on the beach in northern Sicily.

There are several trails in the reserve.

The trails pass over amazing green cliffs above the sea.

You can enter the reserve from the southern entrance through the village of Scopello or from the northern entrance, it seems that most hikers enter from the southern entrance.

We start walking, and after 20 minutes of walking, we discover in front of us an amazing turquoise beach, which we descended to a neat path, a descent of about ten minutes (the ascent takes a little longer of course).

On the hike, you cross the reserve from the southern entrance and exit from the northern entrance on the way you pass amazing bays and special Caribbean beaches.

Do not miss it!

The Zingaro Nature Reserve was the highlight of the trip.

Man hiking in the zingaro nature reserve sicily
drone shot above zingaro nature reserve with beautiful scenery and water
Beautiful beach in zingaro nature reserve in sicily

Day 15 / Day trip to Cefalu

The last day has come in the amazing two weeks in Sicily, and the town of Cefalu is an amazing place to end your trip in Sicily and be left with beautiful and good memories.

The town of Cefalu is a piece of Italian past that has been preserved almost perfectly to this day.

Let yourself enjoy the colorful houses, the charming atmosphere on the streets of Cefalu, and of course the perfect beach in the town.

Last night in Palermo and the next day a drive to the airport in Catania for a flight back home.

view point of Cefalu town in sicily

Sicily Travel Tips

1/ Restaurants in Italy are open for lunch (around 12: 00-15: 00) and dinner (from around 19:00).

The rest of the time is just closed. It's neither Spain nor Siesta - but simply closed.

If you missed lunch, you will probably stay hungry until tonight ...

2/ Italians do not leave a tip in restaurants.

Tips do not exist in their culture. As for tourists, you can find many discussions on the subject on Google, and the conclusions are not unequivocal.

In the end, they will probably be happy to get a tip, and certainly in the touristy places, however, this is not the norm.

When you sit in a restaurant in Sicily you will get a basket of bread, and there will probably be a tablecloth on the table.

It costs you money and is not at your discretion. Between one and three euros per diner, depending on the restaurant. You could say that this is a substitute for a tip.

3/ Navigation: Necessary telephone navigation software or GPS device in the vehicle.

You can use google maps if you have a surfing package or buy a local SIM.

Another option is an "offline" map that can be downloaded in advance, in Google Maps, or the MAPS ME app.

You can buy a SIM in Catania at the Vodaphone store in Centro Catania near Domo Square or in the Centro Catania mall.

4/ Transportation: Parking marked in blue is paid parking and a parking note must be placed on the dashboard.

Parking in yellow is prohibited. It is forbidden to enter the street for residents only, with a sign with a red circle called ZTL.

On toll roads the payment is low and you pay at the end of the road.

Hopefully, This Sicily itinerary will help you plan your own trip to this beautiful island.

There is so much to see and do in Sicily, and apart from the above, I recommend To travel and explore the small charming towns in Sicily.

Thanks For reading my 2 weeks in Sicily Itinerary!

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