5 Day Barcelona Itinerary: The Perfect Guide
March 23, 2023
By guy yefet

Spending 5 days in Barcelona? My ultimate Barcelona itinerary is all you need to plan a perfect trip, what to see and do, where to stay in Barcelona, and a lot more!

how to spend 5 days in barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world, the reason is clear, visiting the city you can enjoy impressive art, beaches, excellent food, green parks, entertainment venues, and diverse nightlife.

Barcelona is a city full of attractions, restaurants, tapas, sangria, bars, shopping shops, parks, museums, buildings with impressive architecture, and what not? It has everything from everything and people full of the joy of life.

I did solo travel in Barcelona, if you are looking for a destination for a solo trip, Barcelona is a great option.

Barcelona city view from 5 days in barcelona

Table of content

Planning your Barcelona itinerary:

How to get from Barcelona airport to the city center?

Barcelona El Prat Airport is 13 km from the city.

There are different ways to get from there to the city center using different means of transportation.


There is a bus that leaves every 5-10 minutes from the airport.

The bus costs €5.90 one way or €10.20 round trip.

You can pay with a credit card at the machine at the entrance to the bus or with cash.

You can also buy it in advance on the website.

The bus stops in Plaça Catalunya which is the main square in Barcelona, ​​from where you can take the metro or walk to your hotel or hostel.

The working hours of the line are 5:00-00:30.


Public Transport:

There is a public bus line departing from the airport and arriving at Plaça Catalunya.

It is slower than Aerobus because there are more stops, but the big advantage over it is that you can pay for the ride at the price of a regular public bus.

If you land at night, you can use the Nimbus N17, the ride is the same.


A taxi ride from the airport to the city center should cost between 25-35 euros.

best time to visit Barcelona

You can visit Barcelona all year round.

Just do yourself a favor and not in July-August.

Keep in mind that July and August are both very hot and busy.

I do not recommend you to come to Barcelona during the peak months of summer.

You will not find parking, in case you are in a rented car.

In Park Guell, for example, you will hardly be able to see the back of the tourist in front of you, And you will have to book tickets in advance for every site.

During the tourist summer months, you will have to wait a long time in line at the tourist bus stops.

Therefore the recommended time to visit Barcelona is between the shoulder seasons in spring or autumn.

I visited Barcelona in October and it was amazing weather, not too hot not too cold, less crowded. Perfect time to visit.

plaza Catalonia spain barcelona


how many days to spend in Barcelona?

The minimum is 3-4 days in Barcelona.

5 days in Barcelona is the perfect time to see everything properly without running from one place to another or giving up certain things due to lack of time.

Barcelona is a cool city with great vibes and atmosphere, full of young peoples that you can easily stay spend week in Barcelona.

When you visit Barcelona in five days you have enough time to travel slow and also get to know more beautiful corners in Barcelona and experience the city better.

It's recommended to go on a day trip to Montserrat, the mountain and the monastery - about an hour away from Barcelona.

getting around Barcelona

Transportation in Barcelona is very convenient.

There are bus lines, there is a metro, and also taxis at reasonable prices.

Many sites on the Internet recommend purchasing the T-10 card and indeed it comes out lucrative.

The card has 10 tickets and can be used on both the bus and the metro.

For a couple, it will be enough for 5 trips each.

You can buy the "Barcelona Travel Card" which includes an unlimited number of trips for a set time.

(There is a ticket for two days 16.30 euros, a ticket for 3 days 23.70 euros, a ticket for 4 days 30.80 euros, a ticket for 5 days 38 euros).

By ordering the card online in advance, you can get a 10% discount on this site


Barcelona on a bicycle

Barcelona is a very bike-friendly city.

Bicycle paths get a place of honor there alongside sidewalks and roads.

Barcelona city center is flat and very convenient to get around by bike. Bicycle stands are scattered throughout the city but are used by locals only.


Tourists can rent bicycles from one of the many rental shops located in the tourist areas.

For those who are interested, you can take a Guided bike tour that will take you to all the famous places in Barcelona.

Barcelona on a bicycle

Hop-on Hop-off bus in Barcelona

The most convenient way to see the city is with the help of a tourist bus, especially if you have arrived in the city for a short time, you are traveling with children or people who have difficulty walking or you just want to be pampered and see the city from above. 

The tourist bus through the city's major tourist sites and stops near each of them.

You can get off at any of the stations, walk around the site and continue driving to the next site. Most fun to sit upstairs and look out over the city while driving and listening to an audio guide.

Three routes are offered to choose from - the blue route that passes through all the city's must-see sites, the red route that passes through other sites worth seeing in the city, and the green route that runs during the summer and passes by sea and beaches.

 Click here To buy a bus ticket

People walking on the streets in barcelona spain

5 day Barcelona itinerary map

Barcelona itinerary for 5 days – overview

DAY 1: La Rambla - La Boqueria Market - Gothic Quarter - Plaça de Sant Jaume - Plaza Real - Barcelona Beach

DAY 2: Palau de la Música Catalana - Arc de Triomf - Ciudadela Park - Bunkers del Carmel

DAY 3: Montjuïc - The Olympic Stadium - Palau Nacional Palace - Pablo Espanyol - Magic Fountains

DAY 4: Gràcia Neighborhood - Park Güell - Sagrada Familia - Casa Mila - Casa Batlló

DAY 5: Day trip to Montserrat Monastery

The Complete Barcelona Itinerary:

Day 1: Gothic Quarter & La Rambla

The first day I recommend starting with a walk on the famous Rambla Avenue which is a long sidewalk with stalls of food, flowers, and souvenirs.

Since this is a central place with lots of tourists - take good care of your bags while walking and beware of pickpockets.

la rambla barcelona
5 days in barcelona street

La Boqueria Market - After about 20 minutes walk on the La Ramblas at 91 La Rambla Street is the food market La Boqueria Market.

You will find fruit, vegetable, juice, chocolate, meat, spice, pastry, and more stalls.

La Boqueria Market barcelona spain
The entrance of La Boqueria Market
La Boqueria Market fruits shop
La Boqueria Market
5 day barcelona Itinerary La Boqueria Market
many places to stop to drink & eat

After visiting the market, continue walking along the Rambla to the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic).

The Gothic Quarter is the oldest in Barcelona. There you can stroll through the beautiful alleys and the abundance of shops in the place. 

Nice to walk there even in the evening and the area is bustling with life while the shops and cafes are still open.

You can choose to visit the Gothic Quarter independently or on a guided tour. 

Beautiful alleys in gothic quarter
barri gothic barcelona


The last stop is close to the promenade so that at the end you can take the time to walk along the long promenade along which there are many stalls and it leads to the beach.

What is special about Barcelona's beach is that the sand and the many palm trees in the area were brought to Barcelona especially before the Olympic Games held in the city in 1992 to upgrade the city and attract tourists - a very successful move and in recent years Barcelona has become one of the most popular cities.

Shopping lovers should know that there is also a mall called Maremagnum in the coastal area. (About 15 minutes walk away).

Within walking distance is also the Aquarium and the IMAX Cinema - a nice and popular place for families and children.

Another mall in the coastal area but in a more remote area is the "Diagonal Mall" which includes lots of well-known stores including "Primark" - the successful fashion store that sells at very equal prices.


From Barceloneta beach to diagonal mall:

Metro line L4 from Barceloneta station to Selva de mar

If you do not want to do some shopping you can sit in one of many restaurants in Barcelona, order a beer and tapas and just enjoy the lifestyle of the Spanish peoples.

beer and tapas in barcelona spain
patatas bravas - My favourite tapa

Day 2: Art, culture and Beautiful view point

Palau de la Música Catalana - a concert hall that is one of the most popular sites in Barcelona among tourists. 

You can get there on foot / by bus/metro (about 15 minutes).

Bus lines V15, V17, 45.

Metro: L1, L4.

It is a masterpiece created by an architect named Luis Dominic I Montaner.

This is a building that is specially and magically designed with a combination of stained glass and special mosaics, and concerts are held there regularly.

The cost of the tour of the place: You can take a self-guided tour inside the building (10 euros) or a guided tour (18 euros). For those who book 21 days in advance, the cost is 16 euros instead of 20. Admission is free for children under 10, and senior citizens 16 euros.

A 20% discount is also given to those who purchased tickets for the tour bus in the city (the tour bus) - the ticket must be presented at the box office.

The tours take place every 30 minutes.


The Palau de la Musica is open for tours daily from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.

There are special opening hours on Easter and the month of July from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are also extended hours in August from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Palau de la Música Catalana

Continue from there to Via Laietana, a central and famous main street with impressive architecture.

From there continue to the impressive Arc de Triomf, formerly built in honor of the Barcelona International Exhibition.

Arc de Triomf barcelona in five days

From the Arc de Triomf continue on foot to the Citadel Park called Parc de la Ciutadella located next to the Arc de Triomf.


The park was established in the middle of the 19th century and is impressive and beautiful. Not to be missed. It has a beautiful lake, benches, a fountain, the impressive Parliament building of Catalonia, and more.

Parc de la Ciutadella barcelona
Parc de la Ciutadella

From here you can visit the El Born district, also called the La Ribera district, which is also one of the oldest and most beautiful areas in the city and is located right next to the Gothic Quarter, between Via Laietana and Ciutadella Park.

In this area, you will find a variety of impressive medieval palaces and buildings, some in the Picasso Museum complex.

It is a calm, cozy and lively area, with a variety of colorful restaurants, bars, and alleys.

5 day barcelona Itinerary

el born Barcelona
El Born district

It is recommended to end the day and get to Bunkers del Carmel, the most impressive and cool lookout in Barcelona towards sunset. 


This is the best view point in Barcelona - a great 360-degree view of the entire city, far from the bustle of tourists, on a mountain in the heart of the El-Carmel neighborhood near a park where you can walk.

I like observations. Just let me get away from the noise a bit, see things from a distance, get some proportions - and I'm happy. 

So when I heard that there was a view point in the city that I had not visited I knew I had to get there.

The Bunkers del Carmel view point is located on a 262-meter-high mountain with the remains of fortifications erected on it during the Spanish Civil War, designed to protect against airstrikes.

This place is far from all the classic tourist places and therefore has almost no tourists.


The view is especially beautiful at sunset, but for people who especially like quiet, it is recommended to arrive in the early morning.

Bunkers Del Carmel barcelona view point

A little tip - if you still decide to arrive at sunset, you will arrive about an hour before sunset and take a seat. Although the place is not very touristy because it is not easy to get to, but it is completely the favorite place of the locals and at sunset, it fills up.


You can reach El Carmel Station by bus line 24 from Plaça Catalunya or by the blue Metro L5 and from there take a few minutes on foot to the view point.

Day 3: Montjuïc & The magic fountains

This day starts at the Montjuïc, The Mount of the Jews.

This is a hill topped by an old military fortress. You can ascend to the fortress at the top of the hill in Montjuic via a cable car through which you will gain a beautiful view of the entire city. 

A cable car in Spanish is called Teleférico (you should keep this in mind if you want guidance from passersby in the area).

How to get to Montjuic?

To get there take the metro line l-3 or L-1 to the Plaza España (Plaza España) station.

The exit from the metro will lead you directly to the beautiful Espanya Square, directly opposite which you will see the Palau Nacional Palace, which we will reach later. Now get on bus line 150 (his bus stop is next to the metro).

Line 150 ascends the mountain through several stations to the fortress at the top of Montjuic Hill.

One option is to get off the bus at the entrance to the fort and then get off there by cable car or on foot.

Another option is to get off the bus before arriving at the fort, at a station called Panicular from where the cable car leaves in the direction of up the hill (towards the fort), and then get off on foot.

Cable ticket price: € 13.70

You can order online

Montjuïc, The Mount of the Jews Barcelona itinerary

After getting off the cable car, continue walking in the area towards The Olympic Stadium.

It is the sixth-largest stadium in Spain. It was established in 1929 and served as the main stadium for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

the Olympic stadium Barcelona Itinerary

You can also walk around the beautiful parks located in the Montjuïc area:

Juan Maragall's Gardens - Jardins de Joan Maragall - only open at specific hours.

The Gardens of Juan Brossa Jardins de Joan Brossa

Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera

Jardins de Laribal

Walking distance from the Liberal Gardens and the Gardens of Juan Margal lies the Palau Nacional Palace built-in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exhibition and from 1934 serves as the National Museum of Art of Catalonia.

There is an amazing view from there that should not be missed on the whole city and also on Plaza España.

palau nacional palace

Poble Espanyol

From the palace, facing Plaza España, turn left and keep going straight in the direction of Pablo Espanyol.

This is an impressive site built in the shape of a Spanish village, It is very worthwhile to enter the site.

You will be impressed by Spanish-style buildings divided into different regions in Spain.

There are also nice shops with artisans who do handicrafts like glass, ceramics, jewelry, guitars, and more.

You can also sit down at one of the local cafés and enjoy an authentic Spanish atmosphere. Also do not miss the film that is screened in a place that tells about the festivals that are customary in Spain.

Entrance fee to Pablo Espanyol: Adult - 14 euros. (Online booking: 11.20 euros), entry after 8 pm: 7 euros, 

children (ages 4-12): 8 euros, children (under 4 years old) - free, 

students: 10.50 euros, 

pensioners: 9 euros.

Click here To buy tickets online

If Pueblo Espanyol is the last stop on your route, you can return to Plaza Espana the same way you came - with line 150. (From Pueblo Espanyol's gate, turn right to bus stop 150 which will take you back to Espanya Square and from there Metro l-3 to the hotel).

The Magic Fountains - Adjacent to Plaza España is the Magic Fountain of the Montjuïc.

If you are there during the fountain's operating hours, do not miss the fountain show.

The show resumes every half hour.

Show hours:

April-May, October: Thursday - Saturday, 21: 00-22: 00, 

June - September: Wednesday - Sunday, 21: 30-22: 30, 

1 November to 31 March: Thursday - Saturday, 20:00 -21: 00, 

January 7 to February 28 - no shows.

barcelona city view

Day 4: Full Day of Gaudi

When you visit Barcelona, ​​you should, at least for one day, behave like a local.

Visit this special district, the Gracia district, and there is no doubt at all that your suitcase of experiences will be filled even more.

For those interested, there is a guided tour in a package that combines the three magnificent buildings of Gaudi.

The Gracia neighborhood is the oldest and most authentic neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​including the well-known neighborhoods of Villa de Garcia and Garcia Nova.

The Garcia district was a separate settlement from the large city of Barcelona and only at the end of the 17th century was annexed to Barcelona, ​​but it still functions as an independent province.

Passeig de Gràcia was the road that led to the settlement.

The neighborhood is best known for the Festa Major de Gràcia, which is celebrated every year in August, where the streets of the neighborhood are filled with colorful decorations and a variety of events and celebrations.

Passeig de Gràcia barcelona Itinerary


The residents of the neighborhood are young families and a lot of students and artists and it has a variety of entertainment venues and bars, along with various shops, galleries, and nice cafes.

The neighborhood has several beautiful squares and many restaurants as well as a nice little market called Libertat.


The main squares in the neighborhood are Plaça De La Vila De Gràcia, with the clock tower in the center; Placa de la Virreina, centered on an old church and Placa del Sol, home to Cafe del Sol, considered the oldest café in the area.

Gracia neighborhood barcelona in 5 days
Gracia neighborhood barcelona spain
gracia barcelona

Another interesting site in the area is Casa Vicens - the first building Gaudi designed in 1883-1878 for the ceramic manufacturer Manuel Vicens.

Casa Vicens barcelona
Casa Vicens barcelona


What you should know about Gràcia: The neighborhood itself is pleasant and recommended for visits and even for special shopping, spending time in cafes and getting to know the nightlife.

For those who are interested after some days in the heart of Barcelona's tourism, disconnect from the tourist areas and discover different atmosphere, gracia district is the place to be..

For shopping enthusiasts - here you will find specialty stores at cheap prices, but less famous chains and large malls.

Gràcia barcelona spain

After strolling around Gracia you can visit Park Guell - A garden complex designed and designed by renowned architectural artist Antonio Gaudi.

The site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.

Visiting Park Guell

Park Guell is without a doubt one of Barcelona's most famous sites designed by Gaudi.

He was commissioned by Osby Goel who wanted to create a stylish park for the Barcelona nobility.

The park has multiple entrances.

The most impressive is the main entrance from Carrer d'Olot.

You will see there two pavilions one of which is a small museum and at the beginning of the stairs, there is the famous dragon statue. There is a lot to see in the park-like rock pillars that look to grow out of the ground like tree trunks

(Gaudi was greatly influenced by natural forms and used in his work).

At the top of the park, there is a wonderful view that overlooks the whole park and Barcelona.

There is also a small restaurant in the park where you can buy something small to eat and drink sangria.

Park Guell barcelona spain
Park Guell barcelona


How to get to the park?

The park can be reached by bus line 24. (Its bus stop is near Plaça Catalunya). This is a 30-minute drive.


Line 24 will drop you off at the entrance to Park Guell. There is a free area in the park, and there is another paid area (10 euros per adult). Inside the park, you can go up the stairs where you will find a nice view of the city.

Regarding the paid area - you should know that the queues are long and the number of tickets is limited.

Therefore advisable to book tickets in advance! 

An important tip worth knowing!

Before and after the official opening hours - the paid area is also free (6-8 in the morning and 9-11 in the evening).

Sagrada Familia

At the end of the tour in Park Guell, you will walk towards the Sagrada Familia The most famous church in Barcelona designed by Gaudi.

Its construction began in 1883 and to this day has not yet been completed. Its expected completion is in 2026.

How to get to Sagrada Familia from Park Güell?

In Park Güell - exit the same gate you entered. (If you are already in the low area of ​​the park at the second gate, go up the stairs and continue straight until you reach the entrance gate).

From the gate turn right and continue a few meters straight until the v-19 station, this is the bus that goes to Sagrada Familia. Get off at the station

Pg. de Sant Joan - Rosselló and from there a 10 minute walk to the Sagrada Familia.

Note that the Sagrada Familia has 2 sides and each side looks different, so be sure to see her from both sides.

The Sagrada Familia is considered the most popular tourist site in Barcelona and no wonder.

Take a slow walk around the church - only then can you be impressed by a load of ornaments and statues on the outside of the church.

The main hall of the church is also impressive and you should not give up a short tour inside as well.

It is also possible and recommended to enter for a fee to be impressed by the unique structure from the inside as well.

Tickets for the Sagrada Familia are recommended to be purchased in advance! 

Sagrada familia barcelona spain
Sagrada famila from inside

Casa Mila

Continue by metro to Diagonal station, from where you leave for Passeig de Gracia.

Turn left onto Carrer de Provenca and reach Casa Mila, better known as La Federer, an apartment building built by Gaudi between 1905 and 1910. You can tour the building and visit one of the apartments and the attic where there is a small and modest museum dedicated to Gaudi's work.

The highlight of the visit to the building is undoubtedly the roof, with its chimneys having quirky shapes, spectacular colored mosaics, and a wonderful view of the city.

Casa Mila - Address: Carrer de Provença 261-265, Opening hours: 9:00 - 20:00.

Click here To order tickets online

Casa Mila barcelona guide

Casa Batlló

Head back on foot to the trendy Passeig de Gracia, where you can be impressed by the clothing stores, cafes, and restaurants.

When you reach building number 43 on the street, it is impossible not to stop and admire.

Casa Batlló, built and designed by Gaudi in 1906, attracts attention with a façade with corrugated windows and curved balconies, porcelain-inlaid walls in blue, green, and purple, and a wavy, blue-tiled roof.

The roof resembles a dragon in its shape and is supposed to symbolize St. George, who according to Christian belief fought the dragon and defeated it.

You should enter and tour the building, which is full of vegetarian, round and colorful elements, which can cause slight dizziness.

Casa Batlló barcelona Itinerary

Day 5: Day trip to Montserrat Monastery

After 4 perfect days in Barcelona, ​​it is recommended to embark on one of the popular day trips from Barcelona. 

The most famous and beautiful of them is a day trip to Montserrat.


For many visitors, a visit to the Monastery de Montserrat (some look at its name Montserrat also means the devoted Mount of Teeth and when you visit the place you will immediately understand why) - which in the region of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain) is the highlight of this trip. 

Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery located (or rather rock-cut) on a mountain of incredible beauty about an hour by train northwest of Barcelona.

Not only does the monastery boast of ancient history and immense religious importance, but also the stunning views that surround it have become a good enough reason for a pilgrimage.

Apart from this monastery, it is a national park that includes a jagged and unique mountain range so if you enjoy walking, some particularly interesting trails pass through the mountains that surround the monastery, where you can experience stunning views of the unique stone textures that exist throughout Catalonia.

You can also ascend to the top of the mountain with the help of the cable car and the funicular of the place, and from there choose between several different hiking trails which all wrap around the breathtaking views of the rural Catalonia region and so different from the cityscape of Barcelona.

Montserrat Monastery barcelona

What to do in Montserrat?

Monastery of Montserrat

The monastery is the famous site of the place, which is visited by many pilgrims.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the monastery, but you can visit the church (the main building on the site), a dark and ornate basilica from the 16th century. Above the main altar, in a small niche, is the sanctuary of the place: the statue of the Black Madonna.

In addition, you can see the Plaça de Santa María, a plaza in front of the monastery, the Museu de Montserrat, which displays modern works of art by Spanish artists, such as Dali and Picasso. It is also interesting to see how on Sunday afternoons, and sometimes even later, Sardana dances (Catalan national dance) take place in the church square.


In the monastery area, two more different routes can be done with an easy walk of 3 km - not a bad option for those who do not go well - the "serious hikers" will prefer to follow the harder and longer routes at the top.


Montserrat ridge:

The ridge of the entire Monster is a nature reserve and so, apart from visiting the church, you can go hiking in the surrounding mountains. Providing unique scenery, observation, plants, and animals as well as cliffs for mountain climbers.

Among other things, you can watch from the routes to the Pyrenees and even see in the distance the islands of Ibiza and Majorca.


On the various routes and the many options in the area, it is recommended to keep up to date with the local tourist office in Mansrat or that of Plaça Catalunya.

Assuming you are not satisfied with the monastery and have chosen to ascend the funicular up to Sant Joan station - there are at least three routes that the place offers from this point (walk to a high observation point, walk to the "cave" of the monastery, and the route to Path of La Font Seca and Path of Les Batteries - all These routes are divided into different levels of difficulty).

A day trip that is a must from Barcelona and is recommended for anyone who wants to break away from the big city and experience the beauty that is around Barcelona.

Monastery of Montserrat
Monastery of Montserrat

Where to stay During 5 days in Barcelona?

I have visited Barcelona twice and stayed in 4 different hostels that I can highly recommend.

Each hostel has its style and each one was different from the other.

4 best hostels in Barcelona

Kabul Party Hostel Barcelona

Without a doubt, this is the place to meet people and party in Barcelona!

The rooms are shared and so are the toilets and showers - but if you have come to the city to celebrate and meet more travelers, this is a great place.

The hostel is located in the Gothic Quarter, near La Rambla, and offers its guests pub and club tours, free city tours and lots of parties, barbecue evenings, and drinking competitions. There is also a cool roof terrace and what you will find in each hostel - a shared kitchen, laundry, and computer stations with free Wi-Fi.

Check availability & prices

Kabul Party Hostel Barcelona
free beer every day at 18:00

Yeah Hostel Barcelona

Yeah, Hostel is amazing! Lots of activities, friendly staff, dinners served at night so you can meet people, and the walking tours are amazing. It's close to the metro so you can get around pretty easily. The rooms are really clean and nice, too. They have a bar and the bar crawls after dinner.

nicely located around a lot of tourist sights which is great and walking distance to some famous areas of Barcelona that you want to see.

Check availability & prices

Bed & Bike Hostel

is one big space divided for a different purpose.

They have a kitchen with great facilities if you want to cook your food, common are with big tv and Netflix, dining room, the staff is very friendly and helpful and beds are comfy.

they organize dinners and biking tours for free, just paying for the rent of the bike for 7 € a day.


Check availability & prices

Bed & Bike Hostel barcelona

Rodamón Hostel

Hostel for digital nomads.

Very nicely invested hostel, clean with a huge terrace.

Most of the people who are in this hostel during the day work through the computer so socially this is not the place to meet new people or celebrate. This is not a hostel for parties.

For those who are looking for a quiet and quality place that you can work from, this is the place for you.

Check availability & prices

rodamon hostel barcelona terrace
the terrace in Rodamón hostel

3 coolest hotel to stay in Barcelona

In case you are not interested to stay in a hostel, there are so many accommodation options in Barcelona and these are my favorite places to stay:


Room Mate Emma

is a futuristic and stylish hotel in the Eixample district, close to Diagonal Metro Station.

The design is minimalist, in light shades, with the use of special elements of lighting.

The rooms are equipped with LCD TV and of course Wi-Fi.

Check availability & prices

Ohla Hotel

A 5-star boutique hotel, a beautiful place that is especially suitable for couples

Rooms are decorated in a great location, there is a rare bar on the roof of the hotel and in the evening local people come to the bar so the atmosphere is amazing.

The location of the hotel is fabulous.

The rooms are unique in the sense the shower is right smack dab in the middle of the room and the toilet is in a secret cubby in the wall, so you better be real friendly with who you go with.

Check availability & prices

Casa camper

Trendy and colorful hotel in the Ravel district, close to La Rambla.

Rooms are spacious and comfortable and decorated in a minimalist style.

In addition to the usual fittings, they have incredibly comfortable sofas and even a hammock dangling from the ceiling.

The minibar has access to a 24-hour buffet with sandwiches, salads, fruit, desserts, and free snacks.

There is also a terrace with city views, a billiards bar, and a gym.

Check availability & prices

Extras for your Barcelona itinerary 

Visit the Camp Nou Stadium

A must-do for all football lovers!

The FC Barcelona Football Museum is a must-see site for football fans in general and Barcelona fans in particular.

The Camp Nou Staduim is one of the largest and most famous in the world (almost 99,000 seats).

The club's motto is "Mes Que un club".

Indeed, Barcelona's football club stood by its slogan and became one of the unique symbols of Catalonia's nationality and culture.

On the first floor, you can view sculptures and figurines made of wood and copper along with objects related to the group on its various branches:

divisions belonging to the club's ice hockey team, balls from various sports on which the team logo is painted, entrance tickets to special games, trophies, and medals won by the team, arranged in the trophy cabinet By the years of winning them, and other interesting items like contracts signed with famous past players.

On the second floor, you can be impressed by drawings depicting the team players, color pictures, and advertisements for various products starring the team players.

In addition, you can view photos of magnificent past vehicles, ads of international games, etc.

A video is projected on the side that aims to explain the close connection between the team and the city, the film documents the general atmosphere that grips the city on the day of the team's important game.

Of course, like any good tourist site, there is no way to get out of the museum without going through - the souvenir shop.

In the store, you can buy shoes, sportswear, balls, videotapes, scarves, hats, posters of the team players, and many other merchandise products of the team.

It is important to know that the prices in the store are especially expensive and you should refrain from buying the same products elsewhere.

camp nou barca
camp nou barcelona tour

Things to know about visiting the Camp Nou Stadium

*Buy an entrance ticket to the stadium and the museum

It is recommended to book tickets in advance in the summer.

*There is a combined ticket to the stadium along with Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off bus.

*You should check the opening hours on days of stadium games.

The museum closed three hours before the opening kick.

*Visiting the stadium is an experience for everyone.

For football fans especially Barca fans - it is a must, for others, it is a pleasant experience that allows a glimpse into the bowels of the great and famous stadium in Europe.

*It is very convenient to combine the visit to the stadium with the area of ​​Plaza España and the Montjuïc - it is both convenient in terms of distance and also because there is a direct metro.

*The prices in the store are expensive and you can buy the same products in the city.

Top tips for a 5 day Barcelona itinerary

1/ Travel insurance is required

Travel insurance will protect you and your contents, ensure travel in peace and save a lot of heartaches.

A relatively small expense on insurance is recommended for all types of vacations and trips in Europe and around the world.

2/ Don’t rent a car

You do not have to rent a car to get around in Barcelona.

Apart from two tourist bus lines that will take you to all the tourist sites, there is an efficient subway with stations scattered all over the city and you can get around on foot.

You will not have to move away from the bustling tourist areas to see equal places and soak up the atmosphere.


3/ Beware of pickpockets

Like any other large and touristy city in the world, Barcelona has also been considered a place where there is a high chance that you will be pocketed.

Protect yourself from pockets by using a money belt and spread risks among the bag, suitcase, pockets, and other equipment left with you.

I have not experienced any problem in this matter just as anywhere in the world should keep your stuff well in crowded places.


4/ Map and orientation

It’s very easy to get around the city, especially since there are signs for all the main places.

In addition, Google maps works wonderfully even without internet, you can download an offline map of Barcelona and use it without internet, beyond that there is WiFi in lots of restaurants and shops and there is also the Barcelona WiFi network in lots of points in the city to which you can connect completely free if you enter your email address.


5/ Take a day trip from Barcelona 

Take advantage of your visit in Barcelona to take a day trip.

In just a two-hour you will find Figueres and Girona, or you can visit the famous Montserrat Monastery.

plaza real at night
plaza real at night

Thanks for reading my Barcelona itinerary!

I hope this Barcelona travel guide will help you plan your trip to Barcelona and I am sure you will enjoy Barcelona - one of the most coolest cities in Europe!

Travel resources

Here are some websites I use whenever preparing for my next journey anywhere around the world.

  • Book affordable flights on Skyscanner, a great website that show the best routes and flight deals to your destination.

  • Find a budget-friendly deal on all sorts of accommodation types on Booking.com.

  • Buy the most flexible and budget-friendly travel insurance at SafteyWing.

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