Top 15 Best Things To Do In Sicily Italy
December 28, 2022
By guy yefet

Looking for the best places in Sicily? In this Sicily blog, you will find the best things to do in Sicily. So be sure to put Sicily on your bucket list!

15 awesome things to do in Sicily

The island of Sicily, which everyone perceives as part of Italy, is completely unlike what most people think.

I did 14 days Sicily road trip, visiting all the beautiful places in Sicily.
If I could I would also stay more than two weeks in Sicily

One of the best reasons to visit Sicily is the authenticity, and the uniqueness that Sicily has.

There is a lot to do and see in Sicily, so make sure you put Sicily on your bucket list.

Sicily incorporates elements from all over Europe, and here lies its true uniqueness - you will find in it baroque cities such as Barcelona, ​​alongside buildings built in a Gothic-lethal style.

In addition, throughout the island, there are forts and churches of Norse-Norman architecture, alongside renaissance fountains like in Rome or Florence.

The island has significant motifs of the Roman Empire and its glorious remains alongside ancient Greek temples.

For all beach lovers, Sicily has some of the Most beautiful beaches in Italy, with clean and clear water without jellyfish and algae.

The volcanic lava that covers the eastern part of the island touches the waves, and together they form the special beaches of the Sicilian Riviera, some dramatic in beauty and some pastoral and quiet.

Here are the best things to do in Sicily:

1/ Mount Etna

The highest volcano in Europe, 3300 meters high and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The volcano is one of the most popular attractions in Sicily.

For those who want to climb the mountain itself, there is a paved road that reaches the ski resort (Refugio Spinoza) which is at an altitude of 1900 meters from there there is a cable car that rises to an altitude of 2500 meters. Most people are content to get here and enjoy the panoramic and volcanic scenery.

On the other hand, you can join a guided tour of Mount Etna with a guide who will take you to the crater of the fascinating volcano.

For those who want to reach the summit independently, you can take a truck that takes you to an altitude of 2900 meters and start climbing to the top of the mountain.

A must-see place for anyone visiting Sicily!

man standing on the Etna volcano area

2/ Relax at the Beach

Sicily offers spectacular beaches, some more touristy, some less, and wild and pristine beaches.

When you visiting Sicily, it is impossible not to spend time on the beach.

When you drive along the coast in Sicily, you will find a small beautiful cove, or a wide and sandy beach.

The climate in Sicily is very comfortable, and with it the water temperature, I would say that even at the end of October, the water is still pleasant for swimming.

To put you in order, I have compiled a list of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily that you must see and visit at least one of them on your visit to the island.

wild beach in the Zingaro nature reserve trapani sicily

3/ Taormina and Castelmola

Taormina is one of the most beautiful and enchanting towns there is in Sicily, perched on a beautiful hillside. Although the town is very touristy, it is impossible not to get excited about the charm and uniqueness of the place.

It is enough to just wander in it and enjoy the colorful houses and the atmosphere that is around small shops on all sides and small and charming cafes.

In Taormina, you will not want to miss the ancient Greek theater an impressive historical and archaeological structure which also because of its height provides an amazing panoramic view.

If you are short on time and stay in Catania, you can take an organized tour that combines in one day a visit to the charming town of Taormina and Etna volcano.

Castelmola is another tiny town located above Taormina there is not too much to do there but it is still worth getting for the beautiful scenery. I less recommend getting there independently with a car for those who have no experience in this type of travel as the road there is a serious ascent with sharp turns.

Instead, you can take a bus from the town of Taormina directly to Castelmola. The ride is very short about 20 minutes.

When you get to the town you can mainly enjoy the spectacular view and sit in the special bar that the town has which is all dedicated for some reason to the male genitalia.

view over toamina town in sicily

4/ The fish market in Catania

When in Catania you must not miss the fish market which is open every morning except Sunday from 7:00 to 12:00.

The market is authentic and the smells of the fish are very strong but it is Sicily and that is what beautifies the authenticity that it has.

Only by wandering the fish market can one learn about the daily life of the Sicilians.

The market is a large market with a selection of different fish in all species and shapes.

The people, the smells in the market, the atmosphere, the authenticity of the trough are all reasons why it is recommended to visit any fish for anyone in Catania.

This is the place to experience Sicilian food even before it comes to your plate and get to know a little more about the Sicilian experience.

many fishes for sale in catania fish market

5/ Villa Romana

Villa Romana del Casale or Sicilian Villa Rumana dû Casali: A mansion of a wealthy Roman family from the 4th century AD.

Located about 5 km from the town of Piazza Armerina or Chiazza. The highlight here is about 3,500 square meters of colorful and unique mosaics, which adorn about 50 rooms.

The mosaics depict images from the mythology and daily life of the owners of a particularly rich agricultural farm: wildlife hunting images, scenes from housework and home life, flora and fauna, and more.

Here is proof that the bikini is not a 20th-century invention.

Look for the mosaic that proves it.

Unique mosaic in villa romana sicily

6/ Get lost in Ortigia

Ortigia is an island connected to the city of Syracuse, an ancient and rare area in its beauty that seems like a customer from a parallel world and out of time. This is the center of Syracuse's history.

Every corner of Ortigia has something special you should just wander around and get lost in the beautiful alleys. Recommend doing at least one night on the island to experience it properly.

small street in Ortigia Syracuse

7/ take a street food tour

Colorful, vibrant, beautiful, and inviting markets, including food stalls and even delicious food markets, but there is no doubt that the highlight of the culinary tour of the city in the name of markets is the food market of Palermo La Vucciria.

A tour of the Sicilian food market La Vucciria is an experience for food and culinary lovers. Stalls laden with every goodness of fresh and colorful fruit; Passionate vegetables; Herbs; Rich and colorful fish - fine seafood and fresh fish caught in the rod of the large fishing community living in the city.

Along with the food stalls in La Vucciria market, there are also stalls of souvenirs and a variety of nice items.

Another recommended culinary activity in Sicily is attending a cooking class. Anyone who does not wet his hands stirs with his fingers in the raw ingredients, and feels the local dishes on his flesh can not go through an authentic local culinary experience properly. If this is the goal then the means is without a doubt a local cooking class.

The residents of Palermo, which is a center of pilgrimage for gastronomy enthusiasts from all over the world, have understood the demand for culinary activities for tourists, so they offer a great many daily, three-day, or weekly cooking classes.

local man cut big fish on the catania fish market

8/ Hiking in the Zingaro Reserve

Zingaro Reserve offers several trails of varying difficulty. There are 2 entrances to one reserve to the south and the other to the north.

There is a route that crosses the path from south to north 7 kilometers of a beautiful and not particularly difficult walk with a view that overlooks the sea. What is special about this reserve is its hidden beaches and for you, it is a perfect place to enjoy walking and hiking in nature.

A place that is a must for anyone who loves nature.

drone shot above zingaro reserve sicily

9/ A day trip to Favignana

Not far from the port city of Trapani in Sicily is the island of Favignana a total of about 30 minutes by boat from the port of Trapani.

The island is perfect for a day trip some ferries leave in the morning and return in the evening so you can take advantage and be there all day.

Because it is a small island, its mobility is mainly done by bicycle, whether it is an electric bicycle or a regular ship or by motorcycle, which increases the costs. If a bike is around 5 euros per day then a motorcycle will cost 30 euros.

Recommend to explore the island on a bicycle, cheaper and fun experience.

The island offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily and Italy in general, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy is on this island, calla rosa beach, when I was there I thought for a moment I was in Thailand and not Europe. Warm sun, sailing ships on the horizon, and water so clear and blue.

favignana island sicily

10/ Hiking La Rucca

La Rocca offers the most beautiful view of the fishing town of Cefalu.

Cefalu is a magical fishing town about an hour from Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

The climb to the observation point takes about an hour. Once you reach the summit enjoy an amazing panoramic view overlooking the picturesque town and the colorful rooftops of the town harbor and of course the blue sea.

On a clear day, you can see the Aeolian Islands on the horizon from the summit.

A must-do hike for anyone visiting Cefalu.

view point of Cefalu town in sicily

11/ Valley of Noto (Val di Noto)

This valley is a must-see sight for anyone coming to Sicily, especially if he or she is a lover of history and architecture.

The settlements in this valley are such a refined concentration of Baroque architecture that they have been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The great uniqueness of the place is characterized by the fact that all the towns in it were destroyed almost (or completely) in an earthquake that struck the area in the late 17th century, and all were rebuilt in the Baroque style that ruled at that time.

The destruction of the towns allowed the Baroque architects to realize their dream and build cities from scratch, following the architectural styles of the building and the landscape that were in vogue at that time.

This valley, which stretches for many miles, has quite a few cities and towns built in the Baroque style after the earthquake.

It is recommended to visit some of them, but if you do not have time we recommend the new town of Noto.

This city was built after the destruction of the old city of Noto, and the nobility of the city and the clergy all moved to the new area.

The Baroque artists and architects of the period knew how to make good use of the mountainous topography of the settlement and the natural treasures around it, and created a city spectacular in its beauty. Visit both the old and the new Noto, so you can experience two significant periods in Sicily's life at once.

noto Cathedral sicily

12/ Take the cable car to Erice

The town of Arica is located on a cliff 750 meters high and overlooks the sea.

This is a medieval town and a real feeling of going back in time to the medieval period.

The most exciting way to get to this town is by cable car which takes about 10 minutes during which you can see and enjoy a panoramic view overlooking the sea to Trapani city and the Aegean islands.

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high view point from erice town over the ocean

13/ Visit Stromboli

Stromboli The most remote island among the Aeolian Islands is also the most famous of them.

At its center is a volcano that rises to a height of about 930 meters and has been active for thousands of years without a break. Known as the "Mediterranean Lighthouse" because during the day we always see a trail of smoke rising from it and at night its summit is red and hot - a "real" eruption was last in 2009.

Adventurers will be able to join a group hike with a guide and climb close to the active crater of the mountain.

From there, you will have a spectacular panoramic view, and you will experience at sunset volcanic explosions that erupt inside the crater of the volcano.

The island is home to about 500 inhabitants in two villages (Ginostra and Stromboli).

The seashore is sand and black gravel and the water is clear.

Watching volcano erupts in Stromboli sicily

14/ Explore the historic city of Palermo

Palermo, the 2700-year-old capital of Sicily, is full of architecture, history, and culture.

Loaded with palaces and impressive churches and buildings and alongside all these historic things it also offers a vibrant nightlife and fine street food, and a good atmosphere.

In Palermo, there are 3 main street markets in the city.

The Beccaria market is the most popular and touristy among them.

During the day you will find fruits and vegetables, cheeses and sausages, spices, and almost anything.

On the other hand at night the market becomes the center of nightlife with crowded bars and street food stalls to complete the atmosphere.

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palermo Cathedral sicily

15/ Do a road trip around the island

If you have the time, spare yourself two weeks, take a flight, rent a car during those two weeks and attack this beautiful island.

This is exactly what I did and in my opinion, it is the best way to see and experience Sicily.

When renting a car, you can enjoy independence and a choice of when, where, and how to travel.

I have been renting through for years, a reliable and well-known company that to this day I always rent through and I have not experienced the slightest problem with them.

Once you have rented a car you have the absolute freedom to enjoy the beautiful roads of Sicily, explore and discover all the magical corners of the island.

Are you ready to visit Sicily?

I hope this Sicily blog about the best things to do in Sicily will help you and inspire you to visit Sicily!

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