Hiking Mount Skåla: One of the best hikes in Norway
June 16, 2022
By guy yefet

There are many beautiful hikes in Norway. This blog is all about the Mount Skåla hike, one of the best hikes in Norway with a stunning view from the top!

Hiking Mount Skåla: One of the best hikes in Norway

We climbed Mount Skåla during our 2 weeks road trip in Norway.

Mount Skåla is located in one of the most beautiful places in Norway, with so many things to see and do.

When I was still planning my trip to Norway, I saw the area and knew I would stay there for more than one night.

I checked about hiking in Norway and saw that the hike to Mount Skåla is considered the highest climb in Norway. So this fact challenged me more to do this.

I researched the hike online and did not find too much information about it in English.

So after I did this hike by myself, I wanted to give some information about the hike from my experience.

mount skala hike

Mount Skåla: quick information

Length: 8 km (each direction), 6-8 hours round trip.

Start and end: The Mount Skåla parking lot. 200 meters from Tjugen Camping.

Difficulty: The route is considered difficult. You have to be in good fit shape to make it to the top. Approximately 4-5 hours to the top of Mount Skåla.

The highest point is 1848 meters.

Season: Jul - mid Sep.

The weather can be very unpredictable, so it is important to have everything you need for bad conditions.

mount skala hike norway

Things to know about hiking in Norway

Due to its northern location and unique geology, Norway offers a combination of extreme landscapes ranging from huge glaciers, endless waterfalls, and fjords that reach everywhere.

Hiking is a national hobby for Norwegians, therefore, there is an extensive network of trails and mountain huts in most of the country with an emphasis on the national park.

Despite the large number of hikers walking on the trails, there is a rare wild feeling of seclusion on the trails, due to the small number of settlements and villages in the mountainous areas.

trail marks in Norway

The trail markings are red T is the symbol of the DNT organization, many areas are marked with huge rugs with an emphasis on foggy areas where this marking is essential.

Maps can be purchased at DNT branches and tourist information offices.

trail marks in Norway

when to hike Mount Skåla?

The Norwegian summer is very short, and the official hiking season is from the beginning of July to mid-August, but this is due to the school holidays of the Norwegian schools. In practice, you can hike from mid-June (watch snowy mountain passes) to mid-September (most manned cabins close).

Even in summer, it's important to note that rain and clouds should be expected on an almost daily basis, on the other hand, the summer rain is mostly light rain that does not detract from the hiking experience.

norway beautiful hikes

We did the Mount Skåla hike in mid-June, and at this time of the year, it remains full of snow on the trek as you can see in the pictures.

It does make the hike harder but also more beautiful in my eyes.

Hiking Mount Skåla

Mount Skala is considered the highest mountain with "feet" in the sea.

The hike to the summit of Mount Skåla occupies a unique place among the views, there is a spectacular view of the fjords, mountain peaks, and glaciers.

hiking in norway summer

On this hike, you will climb to the top of the mountain.  

You will have to climb from the fjord to the top of the mountain, and it's considered the highest climb in Norway.

The hiking trail offers a rock path, rock steps, and stunning views on the way to the summit.

At the top of the mountain, you will have the best viewpoint of the fjords, as far as the eye can see in the distance. A once-in-a-lifetime view.

You can stay at night in the tower located on the summit. There is a story about the round tower.

Due to the height of the mountain, the hike is difficult and recommended for those who have good physical fitness.

What to bring to the Mount Skåla hike?

There is no need for special equipment for this trek, other than the usual equipment required for each hike - suitable shoes, warm clothes, food, and water.

How to get to Mount Skåla?

To get to the starting point of the mount Skala hike, you need to get to the town of Loen, located 11 km from Stryn.

If you are traveling by car, you must reach the Tjugen Valley.

From the town of Loen, it is a short distance of 1 km.

Arrive at the beginning of the route - car parking near Lake Lovatnet.

In the parking lot, you will find an information board about the trail.

hikes in norway

Mount Skåla: the hiking trail

The start is on a tractor road and continues into the forest.

Up the hike is the stone path that alternates with rock steps that make it easier to climb.

The trek is well marked along its entire length.

The mountain rises to a height of 1848 meters.

mount skala norwegian

At its summit is the round tower inside with 3 rows of 22 beds - bunks.

The tower was inspired by Dr. Henrik Gerhard Kluman, designed to provide relaxation for body and mind, especially for tuberculosis patients, a serious disease that plagued Europe in the 19th century.

From the tower, there is a stunning view of the fjord.

The tower with a wall thickness of 50 cm is a two-story building that was opened to the public and serves as a cabin at the level of self-service and is managed by the Norwegian organization DNT.

There is no doubt, the cabin is the most unique cabin, not only in Norway but also in the whole world.

Those who are on a trip to Norway, and in the right shape, will not forget the beautiful views from the summit of Mount Skåla.

The Alexandra Hotel and the Loen Sports Club organize the competition according to the ranks of amateur and professional participants.

In Loen, there is plenty of space for campsites, cabins, and accommodation.

Every year in mid-August, there is a race competition for the summit of Mount Skåla, from the town of Loen which is considered the hardest race in Northern Europe.

The hike to the top of the mountain

There are many beautiful hikes in Norway, but without a doubt, the climb to Mount Skåla is among the most beautiful of them, we did the hike in mid-June, so there was still a large amount of snow on the summit that made walking difficult.

skala hike

From the moment you start the hike, there are so many beautiful vantage points along the way that you will want to stop every 10 minutes, and you have to do it.

On this hike, you will go through a forest, little streams, many stone steps, a beautiful river, a couple sheep, and up all the way to the top.

The view is stunning! It is absolutely fantastic and worth the hike.

hiking norway summer

It's recommended to bring food and snacks that you will have during the hike, especially when you reach the summit, the view from there is spectacular.

You will want to stay at the top of the mountain to eat something and enjoy all the beauty around you.

best hikes in norway

The descent from the mountain was significantly faster for us.

The way back down from the top of the mountain took us an hour and a half.

While we were doing the hike, there was still a lot of snow left in the high parts of the trail.

best views in norway

We took advantage of the snow to slide on the snow and make our way down quickly.

The most fun way to get down from the mountain after a tough climb.

snow mountain in norway
sliding down from the top of the mountain

Maybe because we did the hike to Mount Skåla in June, we were almost alone on the trek.

We only met 3 more people on the way compared to the Trolltunga trek we did a few days before, which was busy with hikers.

This is the beauty in Norway. There are places where you can feel nature in all its glory without people around you.

You can make the hike to Mount Skåla in two days and stay in the tower at the top of the mountain for the night.

fjord views in norway

Whoever chooses this will enjoy a tremendous experience of sleeping in such a unique and historic cabin with an unforgettable view of a spectacular sunset over the fjord and the surrounding snowy mountains.

We chose to do the hike in one day because we chose to do the Trolltunga hike in two days.

Anyway, I recommend staying at least two full days in this area.

Whether it is in the town of Loen or Stryn, it is a beautiful area with a lot of activities and things to do.

Where to stay near Mount Skåla?

We chose to stay in the charming town of Loen.

In a campsite right on the shores of the spectacular Lovatnet lake.

Lake Lovatnet is one of the most beautiful lakes in Norway, with turquoise waters and the snowy mountains in the background.

Perfect place for camping in Norway!

Lake Lovatnet
Lake Lovatnet

There are several good campsites on the shores of lake Lovatnet.

Tjugen Camping - located 200 meters from the starting point of the hike.

Excellent and tidy camping with everything you need.

Helset Camping - A great campsite in a perfect location right on the shores of the beautiful Lovatnet Lake.

We did the hike as part of our road trip to Norway and chose to stay 2 nights in Leon. Luckily we had just perfect weather!

lovatnet lake camping
camping in loen: lovatnet lake

Important tips for hiking Mount Skåla

1. Check the weather in the YR app the day before you plan to go hiking, and it is advisable to go hiking on a clear day!

You do not want to climb all the way up to the summit without being able to see something from the top.

2. Take a bottle of water. A warm jacket for the summit, food, and some chocolates for those interested in something sweet on the top. You have earned it.

3. In June and mid-September, keep in mind that large parts of the trail may be covered with a thick layer of snow.

So it is advisable to use walking sticks that will make it easier for you to climb and fall in the snow.

Of course, if you go out with a lot of snow left on the trail, taking sunglasses with you is a must!

4. This is a difficult hike with no easy climb that can take you 4-5 hours to climb, especially in the last part we will be steeper, but the view from the top of Mount Skåla is worth it all!

looking on fjord in norway

What can you do near Mount Skåla?


It is a fjord and historic district in the northern part of Sognfjordane County in western Norway.

The district includes Selje, Vågsøy, Bremanger, Eid, Gloppen, Hornindal and Styrn.

Nordfjord covers an area of ​​4,295 square kilometers and is home to about 35,000 people. The fjord is the sixth-longest in Norway (106 km) and is 565 meters deep.

The fjord surrounds the coastline between Stadlandet and Jostedalsbreen, the largest land glacier in Europe.

The area also includes Hornindalsvatnet, the deepest lake in Europe (514 meters) below sea level.

There are still some pre-Viking fishing communities in this area.

Also, in this area, you can perform surprising sports activities, such as surfing in Stadlandet.

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen - national scenic routes

It is one of the tourist routes in Norway, and the ancient road (over 100 years) winds over the mountains between Stryn and Skjåk.

For many years this road has been the only means of communication between eastern Norway and the west.

To restore the authentic feel of the original road, the Norwegian authorities set up fall barriers made of stones on the outskirts.

Along the way, there is a ski center, picnic areas, and information signs about the surrounding landscape, geology, and nature.

The road is closed in winter and is only open from June until the first snows.

Fly in a helicopter over the fjord

You can fly over the fjord in a helicopter with 4-7 seats.

The flight allows tourists to enjoy the fjords, mountains, and glaciers that surround Stryn.

Take a Glacier bus

A day tour from Stryn to Briksdal Glacier.

The bus leaves every day at 9:45 a.m from Stryn, Passes through the towns of Loen and Olden, and reaches the glacier about an hour later.

The bus waits for tourists until they finish their tour and begins its journey back to Stryn at 13:30.

The bus runs in summer only.

For more information, you can check the official website.

Skåla norway

Thanks for reading my hiking Guide to Mount Skåla!

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