8 Most Scenic Routes In Norway
March 12, 2023
By guy yefet

Planning a trip to Norway? Here you will find a list of the 8 most scenic routes in Norway. As befits one of the most beautiful countries in the world, every road in Norway is amazing in itself.

The most scenic routes in Norway

A Norway road trip passes dramatic landscapes - cliffs plunge into long, narrow bays of water, which are the famous fjords of Norway.

Norway's beautiful roads are interwoven with spectacular scenery and make the trip itself an unforgettable experience.

A special project of the country maps the 18 most beautiful roads of Norway.

How do you measure beauty? Do not measure! Therefore, I will bring you here some of those roads and several other roads that do not belong to the official project, but in my opinion, they are no less beautiful.

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1/ Trollstigen - the trolls road

The famous Norway road, This is Road 63, which starts north of the town of Åndalsnes and ends south of the village of Valldal, on the shores of Norddalsfjorden.

In the narrow road 11 sharp twists, passing beautiful waterfalls. Despite the promising name, the trolls, creatures from Norwegian folk legends, can only be seen when displayed in tourist souvenir shops.

Dozens of buses carry tourists on the popular road.

Short walking trails lead to two lookout points on balconies hanging over the cliff, overlooking the winding road and the impressive waterfalls.

You should also stop at the Gudbrandsjuvet Canyon, which is located between Trolls Road and another winding road, called the Eagles Road.

A system of paths and bridges pass over it and at its bottom, a river flows with impressive waterfalls. Above the waterfalls is a friendly cafe - a pleasant place for a coffee break with a cake and a huge noise of falling water. Mesmerizing and relaxing.

drone shot over Trollstigen - the trolls road in Norway

2/ Geirangerfjord road

Road 63 continues to the village of Geiranger, located on the shores of one of the most famous fjords in Norway, named after the village of Geirangerfjord.

It's recommended to stay in the area for a few days, and enjoy scenic roads and lookout points that should not be missed.

The area has dozens of hiking trails to lookout points, between snow-capped peaks, cascading waterfalls, winding roads, spectacular blue of the fjord, and all shades of green of the lush vegetation.

Any route you choose will take you to lookout points. It is difficult to choose the most beautiful of them all, but the truth is that you should not choose.

When we already thought it was impossible to see Geiranger Fjord from a more spectacular vantage point, we reached the Flydalsjuvet Observatory, which is about 4 km south of the village. We stood on the edge of the cliff and for a moment felt we could spread our wings Geiranger.


urther along Route 63 south, a particularly beautiful view from the summit of Dalsnibba, towards the fjord and the village of Geiranger.

You can drive independently or join a guided bus tour.

The surrounding mountains are covered with black rocks and chunks of ice, playing an imaginary chess game, while between them, a spectacular blue fjord emerges.

The fjord is a World Heritage Site and is considered a diamond in the crown of the fjords of Norway.

When you stand on the edge of the rock and look out at the landscape that unfolds opposite, you can understand the phrase "breathtaking view".

Geiranger Fjord road norway

3/ Aurlandsfjellet - the snow road

The village of Flåm is located next to the Aurlandsfjord, and its port is packed with huge ships, which carry thousands of tourists to souvenir shops. Many tourists choose the Flam tourist train route.

The village is located at the entrance to one of the narrow spurs of Sognefjord. Long tunnels lead to it from both directions, which are part of the E16 road. The Lærdal Tunnel, which leads to Plam from the east, is the longest in the world, 24 kilometers long. But while traveling it loses the spectacular scenery along the way.

For this reason, we chose to come here on the old road, called Aurlandsvegen, which also belongs to the 18 most beautiful roads in Norway.

Although it is longer, about 48 km, it is one of the most beautiful scenic roads in Norway.

The locals call it the Snow road. , White glaciers, blue lakes, and views of the spectacular landscape.

Towards the end of the road, it is recommended to stop at an observation point, which seems to hang over the fjord and the towns on its shores, and the view is impressive and beautiful.

*The road is open for vehicles from the beginning of June until mid-October, depending on the amount of snow and ice that has accumulated on the road, and make sure you can drive on it, before setting off

Aurlandsfjellet norway

4/ The Lysevegen road

The Lysevegen road is one of the most famous tourist routes in Norway and the world.

It’s a curvy mountainous road located in Norway. It’s going from Lysebotn innermost in the Lysefjord to Sirdal and has a length of 29 km (18 miles).

The aerial view of this way is quite impressive.

It features zig-zag hairpins in the high mountains of Rogaland and Vest-Agder. Also, it’s one of the most hair pinned roads in the world, a title that always attracts passionate drivers.

*The road is open during the period May to October/November (depending on snow conditions). The Lysevegen is part of the well-known Suleskarroad from Telemark via Setesdal and Sirdal to Stavanger.

The Lysevegen road in norway

5/ Hardanger National Tourist Route

Located in Fjord Norway, the Hardanger National Tourist Route is one of the most scenic drives in the country.

It follows the scenic Hardangerfjord, the second-longest and the second deepest fjord of Norway.

The road is asphalted with some narrow sections, taking you through some impressive scenic fjord landscapes, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers.

The road is 158-kilometre-long, east of Bergen, in the county of Hordaland in Fjord Norway.

Hardangerfjord is 180 km long and about 850 meters deep. The drive is open for traffic throughout the year.

The section across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau may be closed for short periods during the winter if the weather is bad.

6/ senja route

Senja, Norway’s second-largest island, is filled with gorgeous viewpoints, spectacular hikes, and charming villages. senja road is 102 kilometers long and travels between Gryllefjord and Botnhamn, with detours to the small settlements of Mefjordvær and Husøy.

Norwegian scenic route senja is easily one of Norway’s best road trips for adventurers and can be combined with the Andoya and Lofoten  scenic routes to the south.

Some of Senja most enticing adventures are easily accessible along the route.

Take a relaxing walk along Ersfjord Beach, trek up mighty Husfjellet, or summit challenging Segla, the island’s most popular peak.

senja island norway

7/ The Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien), which is about 8 km long, and begins about 30 km southwest of Kristiansund.

It is a system of bridges that connects several islands and wild beaches. When the sea is stormy, the views are especially spectacular.

I must admit that this is indeed a beautiful and impressive road, but on other roads in Norway, there are equally beautiful vantage points.

The area offers a variety of activities, in addition to riding on the beautiful road and stopping for observations, such as picnic areas along the way, jogging, rowing, fishing, and fishing boat rentals.

The moderate slope of the road is ideal for cycling. Once a year, international competition is held here for cyclists from all over Norway, but unlike other competitions, this competition is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike, including families.

Once a year, a running competition is held on the Atlantic Road, which attracts local runners and runners from European countries. Amateur runners can also take part in the experience.

The water here is particularly clear and the area is known as one of the best sites for underwater photography.

On hot days you can stretch out on one of the slippery rocks and breathe the clear air of the Atlantic Ocean.

When a huge wave hits the road it is a sight that you will not forget for a long time.

The Atlantic Road Atlanterhavsveien scenic route in norway

8/ lofoten scenic route

The Lofoten Islands are pristine islands located north of the Arctic Circle and sloping with steep mountains, deep fjords, and small fishing villages.

Recommended for birding and watching natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and midnight sun.

Along with the entire Lofoten Islands, there is one main road e10 that crosses all the Lofoten Islands, this whole road is one scenic road impressive in its beauty that to and it is recommended to dedicate several days to enjoy the road and stop at all its special places.

If you have already reached this part of the world you will not want to return so fast.

Driving this way guarantees such an impressive and unique scenic experience that you will not forget your whole life.

The Lofoten National tourist route or E10 in short is the only major road that runs north to south on Lofoten islands and ends at the town of A. But there are a lot of off roads that branch off E10 and we had our fair share of driving on most of them.

Lofoten island route in norway

Final thoughts

Do not be afraid to deviate from the Norway famous road...

The scenic routes in Norway are so spectacular and impressive that sometimes you just have to make a mistake.

It happened to us that we accidentally came to places that are a godsend, that do not appear in the tourist guides (and it is doubtful if they appear on the map, and precisely these are the places that we remember particularly well.

If you made a mistake on the way, do not stress.

You may discover a private coveted corner that no human foot has trodden in front of you.

Finally, you always manage to find a first way to integrate into it and return to the lap of familiar roads.

Thanks for reading my blog about the most scenic routes in norway!

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