7 Great Things To Do In Tulum + Travel Guide to Tulum
December 17, 2021
By guy yefet

If you are wondering about the things to do in Tulum, the best restaurants in Tulum, and where to stay in Tulum, this Tulum travel guide is for you!

A Ultimate Travel Guide To Tulum

Tulum is a beach town located on the Caribbean side of Mexico and is located about 130 km south of the city of Cancun. About 15 meters above sea level and overlooking the Caribbean coast.

The well-known antiquities site is located and attracts many visitors as it is considered the main attraction in Tulum, located a few minutes walk from the beach and overlooks a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.

Tulum is a small town with about 20,000 locals and in recent years it has developed greatly thanks to the number of tourists who visit the place, many hotels and guesthouses have been built, restaurants and other services for travelers and tourists, as a result, there is a significant increase in prices - especially the bungalows and guesthouses located right on the beach - this has led most travelers to choose to stay in the town itself and walk daily to the beach which is about a 15-minute walk.

Apart from a long swim on the beach and a short visit to the antiquities site, there is not much to do in Tulum so most hikers go there for a one-day visit and move on, those who choose to stay usually stay for up to a week.

tulum mexico town

best time to visit Tulum

Mexico has 2 main Seasons:

The dry season - occurs between November and April and is characterized by little precipitation and favorable weather. This season is also considered the most touristy season in the country.

The hot and rainy season - occurs between May and October and is characterized by high temperatures and a large amount of precipitation, which is felt mainly in the tropics and beaches.

So what is the recommended time for a trip to Tulum?

As mentioned, Tulum offers the traveler comfortable weather most days of the year, which varies from region to region. Even in the rainy season, you can hike relatively comfortably because even during it you can enjoy comfortable weather and breathtaking green scenery, but you will have to be equipped in advance with spontaneity and the ability to change the route of the hike depending on the changing weather.

The most recommended period for a trip to Tulum is between the months of October-May when the precipitation almost disappears and the weather is warm and pleasant.

tulum town mexico

How To Get To Tulum?

Tulum does not have an airport and the closest to it is in Cancun (CUN). Bus terminal: The main terminal is ADO autobuses Tulum located in the city center.

how to get from cancun to tulum - From Cancun by bus or Collectivo from the road or from the bus terminal which is an hour and a half drive. From Playa del Carmen take an hour-long ADO bus. From Cozumel take a 40-minute ferry to Playa del Carmen and an hour bus to Tulum. From Belize City take an ADO bus that is 5 and a half hours long.

tulum ruin

Things To Do In Tulum

1/ explore the best Cenotes in tulum

A natural phenomenon is specific to the area known as the Cenotes: water reservoirs that are part of large underground water systems that are many kilometers long.

The Yucatan Peninsula, which was covered millions of years ago with water, consists mainly of limestone.

The stone, through which water seeps easily, absorbs the many drops of rain, thus creating huge water caves, some of which are connected by natural underground passages.

The Snouts serve as the water system of the peninsula - they provide the residents with drinking and irrigation water.

Some of the Cenotes appear in the form of small pools underground and some are the entrance to an underground cave flooded with water - a crazy attraction for diving enthusiasts.

There are lots of Cenotes in the Tulum Mexico area and I recommend visiting as many of them as possible

Dos Ojos

One of the most famous snouts in the area, a kind of small park with two relatively large Cenotes, where you can dive, snorkel or just enjoy an indoor swim in the cool water.

Dos Ojos cenote

Grand Cenote

beautiful place. Here, too, you can dive or snorkel.

This Cenote as it is called - a large Cenote.

tulum cenpte

Calavera Cenote

The special Cenote. It is one of the pearls of the Tulum area and many of the tourists do not know the place at all.

This is a tiny Cenote, with 3 openings, one relatively large with a rope that stretches on both sides and is a kind of insanely photogenic swing.

The other two openings are tiny and you can jump in and out wherever you want (there is a ladder in the large opening).

A magical place, do not miss!

Calavera Cenote

Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul is one of the most popular snouts in the area.

The great thing about this L-shaped Cenote is the fact that it is in an open area and not in a cave.

The water in the Cenote is also shallower than other snouts making Cenote Azul perfect for families as children can enjoy the water as well.

Perfect place for snorkeling - there are lots of fish, clear water and the Cenote itself is really beautiful with lots of blue rocks in the water.

There is also a large pool with a cliff that you can jump from.

You can spend a few hours there and combine with Eden Cenote.

mexico cenote

Cenote Ponderosa

Cenote Ponderosa is open and surrounded by a lush green area with water-growing plants and moss-covered rocks.

It is also a great place for snorkeling and underwater exploration in caves that stretch deep underground. At one end of the Cenote, y

ou will find a cliff 12 feet high for a jump. But there is also a very popular tree that is even higher than the cliff and from which people tend to jump into the water.

In the middle of the Cenote, you will find rocks that were once part of the roof, now sunk about one meter underwater. It is a nice place to rest while small fish may reach you and gently press on your feet and clean the dead skin. These fish are the same fish used in the fish spa in town.

2/ tulum ruins

The Tulum ruins is open to visitors daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This is a large site that includes the remains of the Mayan tribe from the period 1000 - 1600 AD where you will find ancient buildings, remains of temples, and rooms with murals from the 13th century, amazing to see the architecture of the ancient buildings erected by the Maya tribe in the place.

Stairs descend directly from the antiquities site to the nearby beach and many visitors choose to end their visit there and relax on the beach after a few hours walk at the antiquities site.

You can reach the antiquities site by bus departing from the town itself during the day - if you choose to do so on foot keep in mind that it is about a quarter of an hour walk from the town's main street.

tulum ruins mexico

3/ Tulum beaches

Playa Paraiso - The beach with the crooked tree, a very popular beach.

But it is important to note that the entire strip of beach south of Paraiso Beach is the beach that truly reflects the true beauty of Tulum!

Most of them require a minimum order per person at the beach restaurants. Mainly because the beach restaurants are located within the rustic luxury hotels that set Tulum apart.

Also, most of these beach restaurants, are high high-class restaurants.

Tulum beaches

4/ Diving in Tulum

Tulum is considered a recommended diving destination as the town's shores have a huge coral reef that attracts crowds of divers -

the prices there are relatively cheap and there is a diving club called Cenote Dive Center that offers diving at the best sites in the area - including cave diving.

You can take diving courses there that specialize in cave diving. Even a simple snorkel in the vicinity of the coral reef is highly recommended.

5/ Akumal Beach

A stunningly beautiful beach with white sand and palm trees, what sets it apart is the snorkeling experience with huge sea turtles, amazing reefs, a variety of special fish, corals, and seals (Stinger)

I highly recommend the snorkel at Akumal Beach. First of all, it is a really beautiful beach in itself and can be spent a whole day there.

There are lots of things to see: big fish, stingrays and of course giant sea turtles swimming next to you. There is no need to take a boat for turtles - because they stop right in front of the shore.

The water is pretty shallow so just see where the boats stop and swim there, and there in the algae area, you can see the turtles. A cool experience!

The beach is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. To get there you can take the Collectivo - about half an hour drive and stop in the town of Akumal. Climb the bridge-cross the road, walk about 5 minutes, and reach the beach.

It is recommended to arrive on a clear and sunny day so that the visibility in the water is clear. For less good days - it is recommended to go to the Sonata - where the water is clear.

From this beach, it is possible to reach the nearby Cenote Yal-Ku

For anyone planning to snorkel a lot in the area I recommend buying a mask and snorkel at a Walmart store - the cheapest name, or arriving in advance with a mask even though it can always be rented on the spot.

akumal beach

6/ Laguna Kaan Luum

A beautiful lake. magical, relaxing, and refreshing place.

Easy to get to and spend time - it's hard to expand with words, a dreamy attraction and recommended for everyone.

Very important - bring food and drink with you because during the day you can not buy things there. Care must be taken to clean up after the visit - this is amazing and rare in nature.

Easiest arrival from Tulum You can take a taxi up to 120-150 pesos and in return, there is a bus every half hour that costs 10-20 pesos and takes you directly to Tulum.

Laguna Kaan Luum tulum

7/ Sian Ka’an

Translated roughly into "where the sky is born" according to the ancient Mayan language.

The area is considered a 1.3 million dunam bird sanctuary with world-famous Mayan ruins.

The place is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean.

It is home to various species of birds, fish, and other marine creatures. Another highlight of Sian here is the tropical forests, mangroves, and swamps.

Researchers have discovered 23 archeological sites here to date.

In "Sian Kaan" were found the burials of humans, figures, and tools from about 2300 years ago.

The nature reserve is populated by cougar, tapir, opossums, toucans, white turtles, and giant water turtles, as well as endangered species such as spider monkeys, jaguars, anteaters, ocelots, tapir, and even dolphins, sea cows, and whales. The swamps of the site are also home to a large and well-kept crocodile population.

Reserva de la Biósfera Sian Ka'an

Where to stay in Tulum?

Be Tulum - One of the most well-known and beloved hotels in Tulum, with impressive and beautifully designed suites. The hotel has two pools, three restaurants, and a bar.

One of the main advantages of this hotel is that it offers a variety of activities such as boating and snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and a fishing trip in the area of ​​the hotel.

The BE Hotel has an interior window for the pool so you can photograph those who are underwater! Look for it, the entrance through the hotel restaurant (then down the stairs).

Casa Malka Boutique Hotel - A stylish hotel located on a pristine beach in Tulum, on the edge of the Xian Kaan Reserve. Pablo Escobar's mansion has become a hotel with a modern and crazy design. It's hard to explain in words, but the special art in every corner makes the place a mini-museum that comes from all over the area to see it.

This hotel has 3 restaurants, a bar, a beach club, and two pools.

There are free yoga classes and bicycles with which you can walk in the area as well at no cost.

Do not miss - the hidden underground pool in Pablo Escobar's bunker. It is just below the regular pool.

Selina Tulum - This Selina is one of the most luxurious hostels, has an incredible beachfront, amazing pool and DJ, a free breakfast, and it is quite pricey. However, compared to everything else by the beach, it is the best deal. From my experiences with the numerous hostels I’ve stayed in globally, this is one of the “fancy” hostels, and would recommend staying here! It's in the heart of one of Tulum's many beach towns and has many nice restaurants and bars.

best restaurant in tulum

Taboo - During the day the taboo functions as a beach club but in the evening it is an excellent restaurant, which becomes a party. The whole meal is accompanied by a DJ and dancers, with every few minutes when someone celebrates a birthday or orders a bottle of alcohol he gets fireworks, dancing, and a party around the table. At the height of the evening, there is a crazy fireworks waterfall from the ceiling around the whole restaurant, and one of the best electric violin players I have seen that just lifts the whole restaurant to stand on the chairs and jump. A must-place in Tulum.

Ahau Tulum & Raw Love - As you drive on the main road of Tulum beaches you will suddenly see a queue of people at the entrance to this place. And it's not because they're waiting in line for a restaurant or hotel entrance, they're just waiting in line to be photographed in one of the places that have literally become a symbol of Tulum. The huge wooden statue of the man who opens the heart attracts all the tourists, and if you enter and pass through it you come to the Ahau Hotel and also to a vegan and super healthy restaurant called Raw Love.

Tip - Arrive early, so there will be no queue and you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast in the restaurant.

taqueria La Eufemia - Super cute bar-restaurant, with a crazy atmosphere of freedom, love, tequila, and lack of boundaries. Simple food, delicious, and cheap alcohol.

Loco Tulum - One of the best restaurants in Tulum.

This is a Mexican fusion restaurant and each dish there is amazing in itself.

Beyond the excellent dishes, the atmosphere in the place is fun to Allah, the cocktails are wonderful and the chasers fly in the air, as the harvesters like, so will you arrive in advance with a decision - tequila or mezcal?

Do not miss this place.

The Real Coconut - Super healthy and trendy restaurant. The atmosphere in the place is fun that can make you stay longer than you planned. Tulum has a very high awareness of healthy food, lots of vegetarian and vegan places, and there are a variety of options for all those sensitive to milk and gluten.

The place serves a good and varied breakfast.

Ahau Tulum & Raw Love restaurant

The Tulum area is full of charming little stalls, beautiful and colorful shops, and well worth spending a few hours wandering around, washing your eyes, and indulging in the feeling of freedom.

There are so many things to do in Tulum, and apart from the above, I recommend To travel and explore all of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The most important tip - take the time to walk around Tulum.

​​Hopefully, this Tulum travel guide will help you plan your own trip to Tulum.

Enjoy your trip to Tulum!