15 Best Things To Do On The Isle Of Skye
January 24, 2023
By guy yefet

In this blog post, you will find the best things to do on Isle of Skye. The Isle of Skye is a must-see when visiting Scotland.

Top things to do in isle of skye

I visited the Isle of Skye as part of my 2-week road trip in Scotland. Although the Isle of Skye is not large, it has several types of scenery.

There are rocky and dark areas, sandy beaches, green areas, lots of sheep and cattle, and areas where the greenery is wilder.

Inside the island, there are several lakes, small lagoons, and tiny tributaries, but there is no doubt that the highlight is the bays.

They are so similar to a pastoral postcard that it is sometimes hard to believe they are real.

isle of skye sheep

There are strange sheep here, their faces black and everywhere. On the road, on the side of the road, weeding, and on the beach!

Some beaches are right on the edge of a lawn, so there are sheep and cows on the beach. Strange and amusing look.

In this blog, I wrote about the best things you can do on the Isle of Skye independently. I rented a car in Edinburgh. This is the most convenient and efficient way to get around the Isle of Skye and Scotland.

If you don't have a car or prefer to take an organized tour, you can join a multi-day tour for 3 days that leaves from Edinburgh. On this tour, they will take care of the accommodation (important in the high season) and you will see all the highlights of the Isle of Skye.

If you are in Inverness and short on time, you can join a day trip to the island that goes through Loch Ness, the famous Eilean Donan Castle, and of course the Isle of Skye.

What should you not miss on the Isle of Skye?

1/ The Quiraing

The Quiraing is a natural phenomenon created as a result of rockfalls that occurred in the northern part of the Isle of Skye, the rocks in this area continue to move and shape even today.

Due to their strange shapes, this is a dramatic and special place that you should not to be missed.

The Quiraing isle of skye

2/ Old Man of Storr

The most beautiful and famous spot on the island.

It is a mountain that, following earthquakes, has created several huge pillars that are not clear how they stand, the tallest of which is called the "Old Man of Storer" which is supposed to look like an old man.

The walking route is not very long and lasts about two hours on average.

The route starts with a climb about 15 minutes in a forest and when you leave the forest you can already see the mountain.

Continue climbing while behind you can see a breathtaking view of the island beaches is revealed.

At the end of the route you can touch the "old man" but due to the past of the whole area known for the rock falls where I think it is enough to be impressed from a distance without having to touch it.

Old Man of Storr isle of skye

3/ The fairy pools

The waterfalls of the fairy pools. This amazing island contains green and blue pools that at the right temperature, these pools become as transparent as crystals.

There is no more exciting and recommended experience in the whole of Isle of Skye than looking at pools as they change color. Of course, you can splash in the water if you feel like it.

Getting there is on a road with one lane in both directions. You need patience. In any case, it is worth the effort because the place is magical.

The small pools and waterfalls that connect them are just perfect.

The fairy pools isle of skye

4/ Dunvegan Castle

A castle where the McLeod dynasty lived.

The castle itself is a kind of museum that tells the history of the family and restores the rooms that once worked in them. The castle has several gardens and each one is beautiful in its style and uniqueness, the place is perfect for photographers.

Not many know but with additional fee, it is possible and recommended to take a cruise to see the seals in the area which is a great experience.

More details about the cruise can be found on this site.

Dunvegan Castle isle of skye

5/ walk to Camasunary Bay

One of the most amazing routes and experiences I have had on the Isle of Skye was the walk to Camasunary Bay.

An amazing walk away from the usual tourist traps that there are on the island and one of the days I remember the most.

This is not an easy hike but also not particularly difficult.

The walk is 9.5 miles round trip something like a 2-3 hours walk. Camasunary Bay is an amazing and wild bay with crazy views of the Quilin Mountains.

Choose a day with pleasant and clear weather to perform this walk and enjoy in the best way possible.

When you get to the beautiful and pristine bay it's really hard to leave, and the truth? You do not have to leave because on the bay has a bothy where you can stay to sleep for the night (for free of course) and experience another day in this wonderful place.

Sunset in Camasunary Bay isle of skye
Sunset in Camasunary Bay
The View From The Camasunary Bothy isle of skye
The View From The Camasunary Bothy
Amazing colors of sunset in camasunary bay
Amazing colors of sunset

6/ Kilt Rock & Mealt falls

An amazing waterfall about 90 meters long flows into the sea and provides a breathtaking view.

A short walk brings you to a pristine and beautiful landscape, an ideal place for photography.

Great place for short stop.

Kilt Rock Waterfall

7/ Neist point

Know the feeling that you have reached to the end of the world? Neist Point is the place.

The edge of the cliff overlooking the sea and the lighthouse at the end of the cliff is one of the special places on the Isle of Skye.

The walk to the lighthouse is a bit steep and for those who have difficulty, they will also be able to enjoy the view from the parking lot.

I took advantage of the open spaces and the amazing view to do wild camping in a beautiful spot overlooking the lighthouse, when I got up in the morning i discovered in front of me a wild and pristine landscape without peoples so it was just me and the wild nature.

Neist point scotland

8/ The Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen is a small area that provides an hour to two-hour hike near a town called Uig.

The place is just amazing and a lot of people miss it because getting to it is hidden from view.

Access is via a path that passes behind the Uig Hotel on the outskirts of town. As mentioned, the walk begins on a paved path behind the hotel and lasts about 10 long minutes with an average Scottish view. Once you pass the bend, the Fairy Glen will be revealed to your eyes.

Small hills in green to slices all over the area some in the form of a perfect cone, a reed whose waters are crystal in color, and in the middle of the place a rough mountain in its scaled-down version.

If there are fairies in this world it is undoubtedly their main base.

The area is not large at all and does not take long to see the whole thing.

There are almost no trails at all. The tour is free and the more you explore alongside the Scottish sheep the more bizarre and beautiful features you will discover.

The Fairy Glen isle of skye

9/ Talisker distillery

A tour is recommended for anyone coming to the Isle of Skye, even those who are not a big fan of whiskey.

The distillery in itself is nicely situated on the shore or the beautiful Loch Harport.

At the end of the tour, there is a tasting of the whiskey.

It's also advisable to drive a little bit further and have a walk in the lovely Talisker Bay where you might see Sea Eagles.

talisker bay isle of skye
Talisker Bay

10/ Spend a night in the lookout bothy

Take in amazing sunsets, views of the North Sea, and potential whale sightings while camping out in this bothy.

The Lookout Bothy is at the northernmost tip of the Isle of Skye at Rubha Hunish.

It is a small, primitive hut that overlooks the North Sea.

There are binoculars and whale charts, a shovel for a steak, but not much else by way of amenities - just amazing views and shelter from the wind and rain!

Beginning at the small carpark located near the Kilmaluag phone box, take the path that crosses over the fields, where you'll get some great views of the abandoned settlements of Erisco to your left.

You'll soon reach a gate and after passing through, the path that follows will eventually lead you to the summit of Meall Tauth.

Follow the trail along the fence line, and soon it will lead out toward Rubha Hunish.

Once you pass through a closed gate about a mile or so in, the trail goes off to the left. You want to go straight up the hill on your right.

Climbing up you'll reach the look out bothy, a type of Scottish mountain hut that offers walkers both shelter and accommodation.

Once you arrive, you will find a lovely shelter with two large wooden bunks (complete with1 1inch thick foam mattress), a small area to prepare food (but no sink or running water), and a wonderful room with three walls of windows and sweeping views of the ocean!

The photographic opportunities are endless, so get out there and explore.

There is no bathroom out there, just a shovel, so please be a good steward of the area and utilize proper backcountry ethics when using the "restroom".

Be prepared for visitors, too, as this shelter is used frequently by adventurers and backpackers throughout the spring and summer months.

Watching the sunset from Lookout Bothy is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

lookout bothy sunset time isle of skye
The Lookout Bothy
glass of coffe with rain outside in scotland
the view in the morning

11/ Coral Beach

A 15-minute drive north of Dunvegan Castle is a real gem.

Beaches built of coral crises give the feeling of exotic beaches far away.

To get to the beach walk a comfortable route, a little less than 2 kilometers something like a 30-40 minute walk, winding and beautiful.

When you reach the beach you can climb the hills next to it and from there, an impressive panoramic view will unfold overlooking the beautiful beach.

Another thing - this is a highly recommended beach for those who want to do camping, although there is no running water or shower and toilet, but for those who want a perfect night on an amazing wild beach this is the place.

* Please note that parking is quite small (about 10 places) so you should arrive early to avoid a parking problem.

Coral Beach isle of skye

12/ Cuillin Mountains and Loch Coruisk

Loch Coruisk is a remote inland fresh water loch, lying at the foot of the Black Cuillin mountains, An amazing and pristine lake with stunning views of the mountains.

The whole area is breathtaking and one of the most beautiful places on the Isle of Skye.

You can hike from the town of Elgol to the Loch Coruisk as you pass Camasunary Bay on the way. This is the way I got there and did a hard hike with a certain section called the infamous "bad steps."

The hike is for experienced walkers with some scrambling ability.

By Boat

The second and most popular way is to arrive by boat departing from Elgol.

2 boat companies take cruises to Loch:

Misty Isle boat tour

bella jane boat trips

The boats depart from Elgol and operate during the summer period from April to October.

The cruise to the lake takes about 40 minutes, from the boat you can see a small number of seals, a golden eagle, an oyster, and if you are lucky, dolphins as well.

When you reach to the lake you will have time to walk around it and be impressed from this breathtaking place.

An experience that is a must for anyone who comes to the Isle of Skye and wants to experience something different other than all the known tourist attractions.

Cuillin Mountains and Loch Coruisk isle of skye
Loch Coruisk

13/ Look for dinosaur footprints

On the Isle of Skye, much evidence has been found for the existence of dinosaurs in the distant past, so much so that some call it "Dinosaur Island."

The amount of remains and fossils found in Skye is the largest found in Scotland, and the most exciting find is the smallest dinosaur footprint ever found.

Another find is a cluster of the largest dinosaur footprints ever found, dating to 165 million years ago.

Along the east coast of the island, north of Portree (mostly on the Trotternish Peninsula), many signs are telling of these finds.

To my surprise not many tourists have heard of it, So usually the area is quiet and pleasant and you may see children searching among the rocks for traces.

To discover the footprints you will need to reach the beach of the town Staffin to a beach called An Corran Beach.

To find the footprints, the sea must be at a low tide.

There are 18 different traces, I found only 3 of them but still, the experience is cool to think about that there were dinosaurs in this place in the past.

* Please note: the rocks were very slippery so be careful and wear decent shoes.

 Corran Beach isle of skye

14/ Kylerhea Otter Hide

Easy walk with lovely views over the Kyle strait to the mainland.

The otter hides at the midway point gives a good opportunity to spot otters, seals, and other wildlife.

The views when driving there and back are amazing and the 2 hides are nicely down.

Inside it's full of information on what you may see and tips for identification. Also had a few pairs of binoculars free to use.

15/ Spot a Scottish cow

It is impossible to come back from Scotland without a picture of this cute Scottish cow.

Try to see if you can find one.

* You can usually see these cows on the way to the Isle of Skye in the Loch Lomond area or Isle of Skye near the town of Elgol

cute Scottish cow

Thanks for reading my 15 best things to do in isle of skye!

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