6 Reasons To Visit Scotland In Autumn
March 21, 2023
By guy yefet

Planning to visit Scotland off-season? In this post, you will find the best reasons to visit Scotland in autumn.

why you should visit scotland in autumn

Scotland, an amazing and beautiful place all year round no matter when you choose to visit. If you decide to visit Scotland in the autumn, you will experience one of the most beautiful seasons and periods in Scotland if not the most beautiful of them all.

True, there may be more rainy days and less daylight but rain anyway there is all year round in Scotland. In contrast, you can enjoy the wild nature without a lot of people around you, amazing colors and wild animals.

Here you will find the best reasons why you should visit Scotland during the autumn.

1/ Autumn colors

Autumn in Scotland begins in September and lasts until November. when in October the autumn colors in Scotland reach their peak and you can see all the beautiful colors of the fall.

As November approaches daylight hours are shortened and the sun sets earlier.

The average autumn temperature in Scotland ranges from 5-15 Celsius degrees.

When I hiked in Scotland in the fall I could not believe how the Scottish highland was painted in strong colors of a strong red-yellow orange combined with the first snow that fell on the mountain peaks it created a spectacular sight.

The leaves on the trees begin to change color in early autumn and by the end of October, there is a complete change of colors so from mid-October to November you can see all the leaves already after they have turned their color at the peak of beauty.

Scotland highlands at autumn season

2/ Fewer tourists

After the peak of the July-August season, most tourists leave and leave the Scottish highlands quite empty and pleasant for a walk. In these autumn months, Scotland is especially quieter in nature and the Scottish highlands and in places that are a bit more remote like the north coast 500.

So what is left is to enjoy the beautiful autumn of Scotland without the crowds of tourists who visit every year especially in the summer.

When I hiked in late October I was amazed at the number of times I was completely alone in the wilds of Scotland and in this way you can experience the great nature.

Taking some time to get out on your own, or with your loved ones can really help to take the stress away from busy working weeks without breaking the bank. Taking a stroll along a beach on your own or hiking a hill or valley trail and not passing a single person can be hugely refreshing and empowering. We sometimes forget to explore the world around us, and if you've been avoiding getting out while it's been busy, now is the time to find those hidden gems.

wild camping near neist point in isle of skye

3/ more affordable

Scotland at this time of year is cheaper to travel than in the summer months.

There are probably fewer tourists so there is less demand and that means hotel prices go down, as a result, the price of car rental as there is not as much demand as in summer so this is a great time for those who want to save a little on expenses.

Another thing less to worry about during these months is that you will probably always find a place in hotels unlike in the summer months which is highly recommended to book in advance due to the high demand.

loch lomond in Scotland at autumn

4/ No midges

The annoying little midges that come every year from late spring and stay throughout the summer and are found throughout the area and the Scottish highlands so anyone who comes for hiking walks in Scotland will have to deal with them, whereas when autumn starts and once a bit colder and mosquito winds disappear by themselves.

Autumn is the best time to visit Scotland to avoid midges.

wild camping on lake in scotland

5/ amazing landscape for photography

The colors of autumn combined with the weather and the lights in this time of the year creating a special atmosphere for photography.

In the autumn the sun rises late and you can experience both the sunrise and the sunset every day which creates a great option for photography at sunrise and sunset and a chance to catch beautiful pictures of Scotland at this time of year.

man looking on snowy Mountains in scotland

6/ wild life

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to watch the various animals in Scotland, go for a walk at the Scotland highlands and you may discover a variety of animals such as elk, deer, squirrels, red deer, and of course, you can not visit Scotland without meeting the cute Scottish cow.

wild deer glen etiv scotland