How To Spend Weekend In Amsterdam: Ultimate Guide
March 23, 2023
By guy yefet

Planning a weekend in Amsterdam? Great idea! In this Amsterdam guide, you will find all you should know and the best things to do in Amsterdam.

Plan the perfect weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and the largest city in the country, is also one of the most touristy cities in Europe.

Today, Amsterdam is a sought-after and popular tourist destination among tourists from all over Europe and is adapted to all possible holiday needs, from vacations in a young and vibrant mind, through pampering family vacations to vacations for cultural, artistic, and cultural needs.

Amsterdam, which began as a port city during the 12th century AD, has over the years become one of the most important and influential cities in Europe, and during the 17th century, enjoyed economic, cultural, and artistic well-being alike, becoming one of the most central cities in Europe.

The glorious history of Amsterdam leaves its mark to this day, and throughout the city, you will find a wide variety of sites, museums, and various attractions, related to the past and present life of the city.

Today, Amsterdam covers a total area of ​​219 square kilometers, and close to 800,000 people live throughout the city.

amsterdam canal

best time to visit Amsterdam

Like other European cities, Amsterdam's weather is quite cold in warm and pleasant winters and summers.

If you are interested in visiting it and enjoying comfortable temperatures, you should visit in the summer months (July and August).

Keep in mind that this season is also the most sought-after and crowded.

Therefore, even the shoulder seasons, spring and autumn, can be an excellent solution, with cool, but reasonable and pleasant temperatures.

The city has great events and a colorful and lively atmosphere, do not miss one of the big celebrations in the city - Queen's Day starts on April 30 and includes mass celebrations, music, and alcohol on the city streets.

view of Amsterdam canal with bicycles

How to get from Amsterdam airport to the city center?

The easiest and most efficient way from the airport to the heart of Amsterdam is without a doubt to take a train.

The train departs from platforms 1 and 2 and runs directly from Schiphol International Airport to Amsterdam Central Station and is connected to all existing public transport in the city.

The train leaves at a high frequency of once every ten minutes and a convenient price of only 4.60 euros.

pay attention! The ticket must be transferred by ticketing machine before boarding the train, in case you come across a ticket the non-ticketing will cost you a fine of 35 euros instead.

From Central Station three canals take passengers under the docks in two main directions: Amsterdam city center or Noord Unless you have an interest in the north of the city, you will probably want to head towards the center, where buses, trams, and taxis will be waiting for you all over the city.

The main canal is called Hoofdingang and it serves most of the station's passengers.

It is recommended that you check the train website, where you can type a destination and receive an offer on how to get there.

schiphol airport amsterdam

how to get around Amsterdam?

The most convenient way to get around Amsterdam is through the municipal train network.

This network consists of 4 subways that cross the city, and with them, you can reach many destinations in Europe.

Also, the most popular means of transportation in Amsterdam are the bicycle pairs (which can be found in every corner of the city).

One of the fun things about Amsterdam is exploring the beautiful city by bike.

You can rent a bike independently or join a guided bike tour that goes through the best places in the city.

Amsterdam is considered one of the world's leading cities in the field of bicycle transportation, from separate routes for cyclists, through special bicycle facilities for intermediate parking to professional services in the field that allow you to rent bicycles for any purpose during your vacation or visit to the city.

Bicycle in Amsterdam street

11 best things to do for a weekend in Amsterdam

1 / Dam Street

From Amsterdam Central Station, the main street crosses the city center from north to south.

The street is called "Dam" and it enters a square of the same name and houses the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk church, and the National Monument.

Dam Street Amsterdam

2 / Dam Square Amsterdam

The sculpture of the painter Rembrandt.

From a variety of attractions in Amsterdam, you will find the statue of one of the world's most famous painters, Rembrandt van Rijn, which attracts many visitors to the city.

The statue is located in the amusement park named after Rembrandt and is surrounded by 22 bronze figures, representing the figures that appear in his famous work - The Night Watch. Beyond the statue, the square also offers cafes, restaurants, clubs, and a particularly bustling atmosphere.

Dam Square Amsterdam

3 / Take a cruise on the Amsterdam canals

It is not possible to talk about attractions in Amsterdam without also mentioning a cruise in the city canals.

The cruise can be done on ships with a transparent roof, as part of a cruise that lasts about an hour to an hour and a half.

The ships, sailing along the canals, depart from small piers along the main street, starting from the main train station, through Dam Street.

The romantics among you can take the night cruise, and enjoy the city lights and the special atmosphere of Amsterdam in the evening.

weekend in amsterdam

4/ Amsterdam Red Light District

Among the famous attractions in Amsterdam is the "Red Windows" district.

It is a sought-after tourist district, featuring several old and winding streets in the vicinity of the canals, not far from the main train station.

The district, known as Zeedijk, attracts many visitors, thanks to the windows, behind which young women sit.

Amsterdam Red Light District

5/ The Heineken Experience

If you are avid beer lovers you should visit the factory of the Dutch beer brand Heineken.

The tour of the factory, which appears among the selection of attractions in Amsterdam that is not to be missed, is particularly fascinating.

You can accompany the process of brewing the beer, hear a little about the history of the drink and of course, also taste it.

It is advisable to book an entrance ticket in advance, especially during the busy summertime.

The Heineken Capital Factory

6 / Anne Frank House

This is a museum, which is in the hiding place of the girl Anne Frank and her family during World War II.

This is an important monument for all the Jews of Holland and Europe, who were murdered by the Nazis.

The museum is usually crowded with visitors from around the world, so it is recommended to arrive in the morning or evening when the place is quieter. It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance and avoid waiting in a long queue.

Anne Frank House Amsterdam

7 / The nine streets

In the Jordan district (next to the Anne Frank House), which was once a working-class neighborhood and has been upgraded, are the nine streets - a charming area of ​​Amsterdam, packed with small and special shops and a particularly relaxed atmosphere.

Take a walk of the streets, stop for coffee at one of the cafés in the area, and be impressed by the Nordmarket market, which operates on Mondays and Saturdays.

The nine streets amsterdam

8 / The Concertgebouw

Classical music lovers will find among the selection of attractions in Amsterdam, this special structure, which is over 100 years old and is used by the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The building offers excellent acoustics in both halls and an unusual experience.

Concert tickets can be found through the Tourist Office or through the hotel where you are staying during your stay in the city.

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam

9 / Vondelpark Amsterdam

The large and green gardens of Amsterdam are a great destination for a relaxing and quiet walk among the trees, for a light ride, or a picnic to the edge of one of the lakes in its territory.

On sunny days, the park's lawns become luxury real estate, and it is recommended that you take them with you on the road and have a picnic there after a tour of one of the museums in the area.

Vondelpark Amsterdam

10 / Begijnhof Reserve

From the variety of attractions in Amsterdam, you will find this great option.

The Begijnhof Reserve, which is an urban nature reserve, is a wide courtyard, surrounded by specially manicured green lawns and beautiful old buildings.

The reserve is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Amsterdam and you can reach it through the Historical Museum of Amsterdam.

Begijnhof Reserve

11 / Visit one of the coffee shops in Amsterdam

Currently, the sale of marijuana to tourists in coffee shops is still legal in Amsterdam, and it is unclear when, if at all, it will be outlawed.

While in other parts of the Netherlands the law banning the sale of cannabis to those who do not hold a special permit has already come into force, it is still legal to buy drugs that are easy to use for personal use and can be purchased in their original form, in ready-made joints or as spice cakes.

And how do you know which coffee shop to go to? The rule here is true for any other place - the more crowded places, with neon signs and Jamaican flags outside, are meant for tourists mostly.

You can find the locals in solid neighborhood coffee shops that look like regular bars - but inside you will discover consumers of all genders, colors, ages, and marital statuses.

coffee shop in Amsterdam

Coolest hotels to stay in Amsterdam


Cocomama offers the best of both worlds in a super central location in Amsterdam.

The luxury and comfort of a hotel and the atmosphere (and budget) of a hostel.

Whether you are traveling with your friends and need a few beds or you’re on a romantic escape or looking for some luxury while exploring the world, Cocomama is the place for you.

Check availability & price

Hotel Crane Faralda

In the old shipyard area of ​​Amsterdam-Nord, across the islands, a quarter of an hour by ferry from Central Station, a huge view has become a unique hotel.

Each of the three suites is designed in a different and unique style.

The windows of the rooms offer a view of the beautiful city, the sea, and the shipyards area. On the roof floor - open pool.

This is the trendiest area in Amsterdam today. The place hosts events, festivals, and of course the largest flea market in Europe once a month.

Check availability & price

Hotel Van Gogh

Painters and art lovers can stay in a hotel where each room boasts a huge mural by the Dutch genius.

The hotel is close to Museum Square and within walking distance of the Rijksmuseum, the Municipal Museum, and of course the Van Gogh Museum.

Check availability & price

Nine Streets

In the heart of the trendy area - the nine streets - in an authentic building from the 17th century is a small and charming boutique hotel decorated in a contemporary urban style; Exposed brick walls, vintage furniture, and huge black-and-white posters.

Get up in the morning and descend to the bustling center of the city.

Important note: The hotel does not have a lift. Some suites have stairs.

Check availability & price

Hotel Not Hotel

With such a name the hotel promises a lot! About a 10-minute walk from the Food Hall (indoor food center) you can stay in a hotel with a different and special concept.

The central space of the hotel serves as a display space to which all the hotel rooms are connected.

Most rooms are tiny and most do not have a bathroom. The idea is that the bedrooms are scattered throughout the space and the lobby is a large space or "living room".

The rooms were designed by young designers from the Eindhoven Academy of Design. So you can stay in the tram room, the bookcase room, the crane room or maybe the Spanish room?

Check availability & price

Where to eat in Amsterdam?

During a trip to Amsterdam, you can enjoy a large culinary variety.

In the vibrant city, they will make sure you do not come home disappointed.

In Amsterdam, you will find alongside local restaurants serving typical Dutch food, Asian, French and Lebanese restaurants.

Yamazato - In the segment of luxury restaurants in Amsterdam, the Japanese Yamazeto offers its visitors a wonderful, albeit expensive, culinary experience.

The one-Michelin-star restaurant is located inside the prestigious Okura Hotel.

Café De Klos - The Meat Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants that Amsterdam has to offer and is a hit among tourists, but not bad.

Do not wait too long for the menu because you just will not get it, it is printed on the waiters' shirts. The slivers are especially recommended.

Café de Prins - An old and well-known institution in the city is the Café de Prins, located in front of the Anne Frank Museum.

The Pancake Bakery - Adjacent to the Anne Frank House, down a few steps, hides a place that does magic with pancakes. Some claim that the place offers 79 different types of pancakes, sweet and savory, which you can order.

Keep in mind that this is a huge dish, which can happily feed two people.

Chipsy King - One of the favorite dishes of the Dutch is French fries, preferably with mayonnaise. At this stall, located near Dam Square, there is almost always a queue and the chips are hot and delicious.

Take a cone, drown it in a sauce and go for food in the square. Just do not forget to take a napkin.

Amsterdam nightlife

Amsterdam is much more than photogenic canals, windmills, coffee shops on every corner, and heavenly chips.

Get your bike ready and go on a tour of the clubs that all the nocturnal and curious people among us must spend at least once in.


One of the oldest clubs in the city, which started its first steps in the nightlife industry somewhere in the mid-1980s.

With over thirty years of experience in the field, and having hosted within its walls huge names like Tiesto, David Guetta, and Paul Van Dyke, you can be sure he has much more to give.

Located in the city center, with an endless list of events and parties, in the variety of complexes it contains within.


Dance here until the morning light, the monstrous sound system will do you good in the ears, the space is great and the staff is very cute.

The club is relatively close to those of you who are planning to visit the northern part of Amsterdam, and the atmosphere there is reminiscent of some of the leading clubs in Berlin.

Bottom line: Despite his young age in the local scene - this is a great spot for long fights.

Target audience: House, trance, and techno enthusiasts.


A legendary club and concert hall that has been active since 1968 and is housed in an ancient church from the 18th century, which adds even more to the special atmosphere of the place.

Along with party lines for electro lovers, Paradiso is revealed in full force in live performances and a super-glorious list of top artists who have appeared in it - from David Bowie, Prince, and Amy Winehouse to Peace to Madonna, Metallica, Coldplay, and Lady Gaga.

Tip: It is advisable to check the club's website and book a ticket as soon as possible for your favorite show, as the venue can accommodate up to 1,750 people.


The huge brick building, formerly used as a gas operation center in Amsterdam, was among the first to promote the vital trend seen in Europe over the past decade as it became an abandoned and useless nuisance, another cultural, art, and nightlife center.

Another advantage: a winning location - in the center of the green and beautiful Westpark, and close to attractive pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is highly recommended to go through the key rules before coming here.


Want to rub shoulders with stardust in an international atmosphere? Waking up only after midnight? Jimmy is the right place for you.

A club that receives favorable reviews from all sides, because of the acoustics, because of the atmosphere, and mainly thanks to the hip hop, R&B, and returns to the nineties parties that take place in it.

Amsterdam travel tips

1. Tourists who are not from EU countries can get a VAT refund on purchases of 50 euros or more in one purchase.

2. Once you make the purchase tell the seller that you are interested in tax-free, and then you will receive the attached page where you fill in your details, without it you will not be able to get a tax refund.

3. Money exchange is possible at a variety of points throughout the city, including money exchange businesses, banks, tourist offices, and more.

The commission varies between different places, so a number of financial entities should be compared before making a conversion.

4. Please note that there are places that accept payment on credit only, but sometimes there is a minimum purchase amount.

5. In most restaurants, the tip is included in the price of the meal.

6. The best tip is to get lost! Walk around the city between the small streets - without marking another attraction and just enjoy the atmosphere and this beautiful city.

guy in Amsterdam with the canal view

if you are planning a weekend in Amsterdam or you are traveling now in Amsterdam, I hope this Amsterdam travel guide will help you and inspire you.

Thank you for reading!

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