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All roads lead to Rome

In 990 AD, Siegrick, Archbishop of Canterbury, walked to Rome to meet Pope John XV and receive the Investiture pallium. Along the way, he recorded in his diary the 79 stages of the journey.

Thanks to this historical document, Today we have The Via Francigena.
A pilgrimage route that begins in Canterbury and crosses 4 countries (United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Italy) before ending in Rome. It's about 2000 km long.

I walked 1200 km from Lausanne to Rome.

The Via Francigena is not well-known enough, and as a result, there is not much information about it on the Internet.

Here I want to share my experiences with you and give you the most detailed and comprehensive information about the route.

I hope it will help and inspire you to walk the Via Francigena and make a pilgrimage to Rome.

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